Are You Passive Aggressive?

Are you passive aggressive with others, or do you state how you feel?

Being passive aggressive is a bad habit to fall into. However, it is something that most people are guilty of at some point but when it becomes routine, it can drain us of our energy and leave us feeling depleted. Here’s what you need to know about being passive aggressive:

What Is Passive Aggressive Behavior?

A person who is passive aggressive is one who wants to avoid confrontation with others, but does so by indirectly demonstrating resistance to another’s requests, thoughts, actions, etc. For this reason, passive aggressive behavior is draining because it is not authentic.

Signs That You’re Behaving Passive Aggressively

Signs that you may be acting passive aggressively include:

  • Rolling your eyes when someone else is talking;
  • Asking threat-based questions;
  • Making indirect and wistful statements rather than saying what you want;
  • Giving negative compliments (i.e., “Your hair looks so much better than normal today!”);
  • Refusing to respond or ignoring someone;
  • Saying it’s “okay” when you’re really upset;
  • Sulking;
  • Whining; and
  • Withdrawing.

Being passive aggressive won’t just hurt you; it can harm your relationships, too. If you notice any of the above characteristics in yourself, it’s time to commit to making a change.

Are you a passive aggressive person?

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