Beat Decision Fatigue With Simple Lifestyle Changes

The average human makes over 35,000 decisions in a day. We often feel exhausted from making these decisions every day. The result is a phenomenon referred to as ‘decision fatigue.’

These decisions range from simple choices like what clothes to wear, what to eat for lunch, and more complex ones involving relationships and businesses. The fatigue caused by the overload of decision can result in physical and mental exhaustion. And since we all have a finite amount of willpower for a day, the trick is to figure out how to manage our limited internal resources.

Are you well rested?

Causes Of Decision Fatigue

Figure out when you are most vulnerable to make poor decisions. The solution is sometimes quite simple.

A famous scientific study showed that judges who just returned from a lunch meal were most likely to rule in favor of a defendant. Because hunger can affect our decisions. Low blood sugar levels can result in symptoms that are similar to anxiety and panic.

The other cause of decision fatigue is not taking regular breaks from work. Build time into your schedule for rest and recovery. And ensure that you are getting adequate sleep. 

Finally, check if you are angry. Although anger is a positive emotion if expressed the right way, often it results in aggressive lashing out. If you find yourself bottling up emotions, try journaling your thoughts or start a meditation practice.

Fight Decision Fatigue

If you are constantly rushing from one meeting to the next, chances are you are not paying attention to your internal state. Plan to have a 15-minute break in between appointments and replenish yourself if required.

Ensure that you are eating at the same time every day to avoid skipping meals.

And ask yourself if you are tired, hungry, or plain angry the next time you find yourself making poor decisions. You will be surprised how easy it is to change your internal state if you address these simple lifestyle changes.


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