Can Stress Ever Be Good for You?

Can stress ever work for you?

Stress is typically regarded as a very negative thing that we need to avoid at all costs. What’s more, most people are experiencing record stress levels, which can be severe enough to impair happiness and sleep, and even take a toll on physical health.

But can stress ever be good for you? The short answer is yes.

Acute Stress

One type of stress that is good for us is acute stress, which is the exact opposite of chronic stress. Chronic stress is the type of stress that is constant, such as constant worry about deadlines or health, fear about the unknown and feelings of dissatisfaction. Acute stress, on the other hand, is the stress that you feel when you are frightened for a moment (the surge of adrenaline), when you are surprised or when you do a tough sprint workout. This type of stress is rewarding and good for our mental and physical health.

Pushing You To Work

Stress, and being stressed about something, can also serve as a reminder that something needs to be accomplished. For example if you are stressed about an upcoming project, this can motivate you to work hard to accomplish it and can also remind you that in the future you need to plan better.

Don’t Let Stress Control You

Stress can be a good for us, but too much stress is draining. Be in control of your life; don’t let stress control you.

How do you manage stress?

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