Is it Time to Move On?

Why do you keep doing what you’re doing?

Whether you’re attached to a job you don’t love, a partner you no longer want to be with, a friendship that has grown apart or something else entirely, one thing is for sure: sometimes, it is just time to move on. Here are some signs that it is time to move on and move forward with your life–

You Put Too Much Energy into “Making it Work”

Do you keep making excuses for why you should stay with this thing/person? Do you find yourself finding ways to “make it work” all of the time? Do you constantly feel exhausted, and at a loss of energy over this? If so, you are putting too much energy into making it work, and should move forward instead.

You’re Bored or Restless

If you are feeling bored or restless, it is time to move forward and move on. Things in your life should intrigue, stimulate and interest you. When they no longer do, it’s time to let go.

You’re Not Feeling Valued

A sure sign that it is time to move on is a lack of feeling valued. For example, if you are in a relationship or with a partner who doesn’t leave you feeling valued, don’t waste your time sticking around. Instead, move forward with your life and find value elsewhere.

You’re Sticking with Things for the Wrong Reasons

Think about why you originally sought out the thing/person to begin with. Now, think about why you continue to stay with them/stick with it. Have the reasons shifted? Are the reasons aligned with your current values? If not, it’s time to move on.

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