Recover From These 4 Things At The End of Your Day

I was speaking with a client whose business and job we have helped her grow and she was delving into the exhaustion she was experiencing and what next steps she could take.

What 4 things can you do at the end of your day?

You see she was driving long distances multiple times a week and add to that both opportunities are flourishing through our work together.

There’s a point in the growth of a person, which is the growth of their success, that many things are on opposing sides pulling.

The pull the brain, push the limits, create distress because all good seems to come at the same time with the need for more of you. What is one to do?

One needs a system of recovery because just like a batter you can get drained. With some energetic reset and shifting, you actually may not be or feel so drained.

Begin with these four things at the close of your day:

  1. Recover from tech:
    Turn off all electronics. Taking your laptop, pad, phone or even an electronic clock all need to be covered or turned off from your eyes. The eyes are overworked and that leads to the brain overwork. Which then leads to stomach not knowing what the proper time for food is and thus overeating.Yes, turn off the items that are no longer needed and give your brain and body a rest. Maybe lay on the floor, take a walk. Here’s a set of techniques that all my private clients use daily. They even helped one woman increase her paying client base.
  2. Recover from people:
    Interacting with humans is an outpouring of energy. Overgiving is going to result in not enough for you and then your body will get sick more easily. Isolating is just not a real good long-term solution. Meditation is a contained amount of time to isolate and recover. But the best one is to Cut the cords. Disconnection from all of those interactions is key to a healthy brain. The brain is actually energetically connected to every conversation and person you’ve interacted with throughout the day. Here’s a video to disconnect because we must make an actual physical movement to make this happen in order to have the most effective disconnection.
  3. Recover from food:
    Food is such a huge part of our day. We think about it a lot. Our brain is using a lot of energy trying to find its next meal, taste, fill up etc. Taking a day of simply drinking juices is one ideal. Fasting is a great idea but not often used by folks because the idea of not eating seems impossible. The idea of taking ten days and eliminating one stress type food (sugar, bread, cheese, heavy meat) from your world is the least invasive. Try this book out for the most invigorating, vibrant and longevity producing interactions with food and its hidden resources. Click Here to learn more!
  4. Recover from being awake:
    It takes a great deal of energy to be upright and awake. I recently released a book on this very topic “The Secret Energy of Sleep“. Research has found that lack of quality sleep relates to lack of quality of life. It’s really that simple. Your body needs to recover every day. When you’re asleep, your brain and body restore themselves — allowing you to think and function better while you’re awake!

Every day brings a host of stressors and exhaustion makers. One last item not on the list is to recover from disappointment. Disappointments are things that didn’t go the way you expected, wanted or even thought you needed and they take a ginormous toll on your system.

To live without disappointment can actually free your life from the weight of the world.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you quite and become all airy-fairy and unfocused. It does mean that you find the good, or what I call treasure of what did not work out and move along to the next thing you have to handle.

To your recovery and success!

Do These Things At The End Of Your Day


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