3 Surefire Tips to Help Every Executive Get More Sales Quickly

Do your purchases reflect your values?
        Do your purchases reflect your values?
A business is the reflection of the energy of the individual who owns it. This means that both the owner of the business, and the business itself, share a unique connection; the success of both is multi-causal. Without individual success, business success is impossible or extremely delayed. Here are three things that you can do right now to start clearing your mind and putting yourself—and your business—on the path to success.

1. Walk Away from Your Desk

Your desk is an extremely distracting place for you to be – it consumes a lot of your energy, and requires constant focus. To ease your mind and add a little clarity to your life, walk away from your desk for a full 11 minutes.

2. Get Blood to Your Heart and Brain

 When you don’t have good blood flow, your cognitive abilities are impaired. Doing a little bit of exercise can help to get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing. Because going for a jog in the middle of the day isn’t always a reality, do 15 jumping jacks from behind your desk, or stand up and sit down 15 times.

3. Release Your Worries

Take your index finger and second finger and press gently below your sternum for 10 seconds. As you’re doing this, concentrate on any obstacles to success or worries that you’re having. Then, shift your fingers to your heart, and focus on opportunities and success. Consider these extra tips…
  • Many times it’s too difficult to get relaxed because of our busy mind. As your mind goes over and over things and your worries become bigger and then you seem to have more worries. Your body and mind need rest so that we can have the life we often don’t allow ourselves to have. Recovery comes about through relaxation. Vacations are begun with the first few days trying to relax and just as you finally do relax it’s time to go home. Download this audio program is just like taking a relaxing bath or being on vacation.
  • It’s time to honor yourself and practice self-care by using the actionable steps outlined for you in The 12 Energetic Solutions for Personal Power. Each of the twelve solutions is designed to get you back into your success zone so you can scale your idea, business or start-up.  The tools you learn will further up-level you to support your passions, desires, health, and wellbeing.


Learn to Lead From Your Heart Today

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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