Use Mind Maps To Make Sense Of Your Distracted Thoughts

Your brain jumps around a lot .

A simple and effective way to make sense of the mixture of thoughts and emotions you are experiencing is to draw a mind map. 

You could write a list, but our brains never work in a linear fashion. The lines that connect neural pathways are haphazard. Which explains why you rarely can think about just one thing for long enough. 

A brain scan reveals a more map-like operation. Diverse thoughts and emotions connected all over the place. And each node branching off and connecting to even more ideas.

The network resembles a map of traffic in crowded Mumbai rather than the neat network of the train system in Hamburg. 

A mind map behaves in a similarly chaotic fashion but one that makes visual sense.

Make sense of the swirling thoughts in your brain

How To Create A Mind Map

Begin with a core thought in the middle of a page. Circle or draw a square around it. Now draw a line from the middle and write another word that connects with the central idea and then circle the new word.

Keep repeating this process until you are flush out of ideas or you have no space left on the page. 

At the end, you will realize that your central idea may not even be your goal. There are other words on the periphery that define what you are seeking.

There might be a pattern that reveals a niggling thought and the pain behind it. Or, you might discover unfulfilled wishes that need your attention. 

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