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Improve Sales For Your Product Or Service By Understanding People’s Psychology

We have all heard of sales experts who are capable of selling ice to eskimos…

But is there a magic bullet that can solve all of your selling problems and have customers beating down your door in eager enthusiasm?

While I would never trust a salesperson or marketing expert who claims to have found the magical formula of selling, I would believe that there are commonalities in human behavior that can give us a deeper look into why people buy what they buy.

Here are two ideas that will offer an insight into the minds of your customer, so that as you craft your strategies and marketing plans to suit the people you are marketing to:

Find People’s Pain Or Pleasure Point

On a basic level, people buy for two reasons – to either get away from pain or move towards pleasure.

Buying a fancy coffee machine? Closer to pleasure.

Buying overpriced pharmacy pills to make headaches from drinking too much coffee go away? Closer to pain.

In general, people make purchasing decisions to move them closer to pleasure or further away from pain. When marketing your service or product, be aware of why a potential customer would buy what you are selling.

Buying is Often An Emotional Decision

What emotions does your service or product inspire in your clients? After determining whether your product brings your customers closer to pleasure or moves them further from pain, you now need to determine how they feel when they use your service.

Ask for feedback. How did your customers feel after using your product? Note down carefully the emotions and words they use to describe their state and then use this feedback as part of your marketing message.

Not only will your product be the answer to a challenge, you will also be delivering an emotional-shift that will encourage future purchasing decisions.

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