Finding Clarity in Times of Confusion

What gives you clarity when you’re stressed?

Some people move through life with confidence in their path; others struggle, going through times where what they want or what they should do is unclear. When you are going through a time of confusion, finding clarity may feel impossible. Here are some ways that you can beat the fog of the unknown and see your path again–

Address Stressors

One thing that can cause confusion in life is a high number of stressors. In fact, stressors may become so commonplace that you start to ignore them entirely, telling yourself that being stressed is “normal” or that you’ll “worry about it later.” Stop dismissing stress – instead, confront it head on. Take some time for yourself to acknowledge stressors in your life, identify their source and make a plan for alleviating them. Constant stress is not normal or healthy.

Know What Makes You Happy

One problem in finding clarity is that most people confuse what they should do with what they want to do. When you forget about doing the things that make you happy and instead only do the things that make others happy, you destroy your good energy. If you want to find clarity in life and discover the path you are supposed to be on, you must know what makes you happy. If it has been awhile since you thought about this, take some time now to figure it out.

How do you find clarity in times of stress or confusion?

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