How to Embody Prosperity Consciousness

There’s a big trend these days among coaches selling their own ‘manifesting success stories in the form of really expensive coaching programs. I’ve seen a lot of these over the last few years, and it makes me really uncomfortable, for a few reasons.

The first is the distortion field around spirituality and having an abundance of money, around the underlying message that if you just have good energy (i.e., high vibes), you’ll attract wealth. Ick. Business, life, and all of the ancient teachings do not actually teach this as the sum total. The second is the promise that anyone can manifest the relationship, business, or income of their dreams using proven manifestation techniques (with little mention of business skill sets required, or the greater concept of Dharma!

Prosperity Consciousness Embodyment

So, while I’ve indeed written about topics like 12 Energetic Solutions for Personal Power, entrepreneurial prosperity masteryquantum manifestation (aka co-creation), money healing for business, and how the divine billionaire  factors in (all in an effort to support people in creating the shifts they know their soul is here for), it’s also clear to me that the business of manifestation has a gross side.


Personally, I hold two seemingly opposing beliefs: The first is that I do believe it’s our birthright to live prosperous lives, whatever that means to each of us: having a beautiful home, beautiful things, traveling, passionate work, a flexible schedule, and loving relationships. The second is that I also believe that true, deep, untouchable peace is actually about desirelessness. The highest form of consciousness is when we don’t actually NEED anything to bring us peace or joy because we’ve tapped it all from within and from our connection with Source. This prosperity is about aligning with the flow of God, the Creator, or the Universe, and all of nature. 

When I was walking through a used bookstore one day looking for rare spiritual books, one book literally fell off the shelf at my feet. It was an older, somewhat dated book called The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovill Shinn. 

Here is a roundup of the biggest takeaways I learned through this book and from several other abundance teachers I’ve explored over the years. 


Use this for a moment, write it down, and listen to what your mind says. Does your mind say ‘yes, that’s true’, or ‘no, that’s not true? Write down what negatives come up. If it’s ‘yes, that’s true’, amazing. But if it’s ‘no’, write down why your mind doesn’t accept that you deserve to be wealthy. This is a very informative starting point to help shift any beliefs you have about not feeling worthy of wealth. This is really one of the best. spiritual alignment practices.


Personally, I did this thought experiment, and the thing that came up was that I didn’t love wealth as a top priority, and I just don’t like how ‘overly cocky’ this statement sounds. It’s cheesy. I can get behind ‘I deserve to have a beautiful home. I deserve to travel to beautiful places in first class. I deserve to be paid well for the results I get for clients. I deserve good things every day, even in the least expected ways. I deserve amazing health and to enjoy all aspects of my life. I deserve to keep my own schedule. I deserve to be supported in elegant and beautiful ways. Most people take several beats to come around to really loving the attitude, presence, and truth of I deserve to be wealthy.’ How about you?

Here are some questions to help you uncover the deeper layers of your beliefs around money:

  • What is your relationship to receiving? 
  • What is your relationship with generosity?
  • Do you know how to give without conditions and to receive without conditions? 
  • What are your current thoughts on what’s possible and available to you? 
  • Do you believe it’s possible to double your income in one month or in one year? 

Here’s a great practice that I read and expanded on from a children’s book, of all places: 

Imagine a monthly income that feels abundant. Say this number. Write it down. Notice it in your nervous system. If it’s absurdly high or too within reach, it may not feel like actual abundance. Allow your nervous system to calibrate the truth of what would feel abundant. Then, consider any blocks or beliefs that may be coming up internally. Then take that original number and double it, then triple it, and then ten times it. By now, it should be so ludicrous that you have less issue with the original number. Remember that money, prosperity, and dollars are just markers of our own energies and our own inner limitations. These inner limitations are truly and fully possible to shift. I know this because at one point I was eating crackers and butter for dinner and am now very confident in my capabilities to help you or others overcome any limitations, no matter what they may be. 


Understanding the different levels of our minds is another part of the prosperity journey that I am enjoying playing with. 

Lehrman says. “Before you dive into a new business or venture, consult your subconscious mind… in a way that uncovers any subconscious blocks, and ask your subconscious for permission to set you up for success.” He shares that he does this all the time, and doing so brings connections and opportunities in a way that reaches the subconscious of those he’s doing business with. I love this, I believe it works, and I’m starting to practice this with the clients I’m magnetizing with Energy Mastery and Energetic Solutions, my spiritual website business.

Prosperity Through Service

This is where I can breathe a sigh of relief because it all starts to make sense.

Just imagine if the top 3% of the richest people on the planet were the ones with the most power—in government, international trade, human rights, and the environment. If our most wealthy and powerful people were also our most conscious people, it could become Heaven on Earth. No more sex trafficking, far less pollution, and no more gun violence. For those of us who desire to align with our highest form of service for the good of others, Lehrman actually says that this is the catapult to effortlessly attracting abundance. As he puts it, “When we do what expands our own aliveness and also the aliveness of those around us, we enter into greater prosperity consciousness. 

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite questions: What if your career gave you the opportunity to do what makes you feel more alive? Is this your current reality?

 If not, it may be worth exploring ways to align your business and life with your values and passions. By doing so, you can tap into a greater sense of fulfillment and contribute to the well-being of others, ultimately increasing your prosperity consciousness. Remember, the path to abundance lies in embracing what brings you joy and positively impacts those around you. Also, remember that everyone is different in their inner drivers, and you have a unique driver inside of you that matters most to you achieving your own prosperity and prosperity consciousness.

To sum up, over the years, I’ve heard several manifesting teachers, including Esther Hicks, say that we can all become an energetic match for our highest desires, but I think this only really becomes abundance (in the sense of true prosperity consciousness) when it’s about creation from a place of inner alignment. Just think of all the people who do have millions in the bank but don’t feel abundant. We’re entering into a new age of humanity where people are being invited to explore what personal power actually means, and how connected it is with prosperity, which is connected with the deepest freedom of being so in flow with Life that we don’t need anything at all. I believe this is available to all of us. Love to know your thoughts on this topic, please send me a note.  

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