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The Importance of Giving Gratitude (and How to!)

How does giving gratitude make you feel?

You know that being grateful is an admirable characteristic and one that you should incorporate into your own life whenever possible. However, you may not fully understand exactly why gratitude is so important. Here’s what you need to know:

Gratitude Affects You in Many Ways

Gratitude has the potential to affect you in many positive ways. In fact, researchers from Dartmouth have published data highlighting that those who show gratitude, discuss gratitude daily, keep gratitude journals, or think, talk, or write about gratitude:

  • Exercise more regularly;
  • Are more optimistic;
  • Feel better about their lives as a whole;
  • Report lower levels of stress and depression;
  • Are less envious of others; and
  • May even be at a reduced risk of disease and health problems.

How to Begin Incorporating Gratitude in Your Life

Gratitude is about being grateful and thankful. This does not just have to be the obvious things in life, such as your health. You can also show gratitude for things like the beauty in the world, the kindness of others, the air you breath, and the earth as a whole. To begin incorporating gratitude in your life, there are a variety of simple exercises you can do. For example, you can start a gratitude journal (as mentioned above). You can also speak with someone close to you about the things in life that you are each grateful for. This can be a positive change from a conversation where you and a trusted friend or partner speak about the stresses of your lives.

How do you incorporate gratitude? When you show gratitude, how does it make you feel?

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