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3 Things to Do to Be More Organized and Productive

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What is your key to organization?

The more organized you are, the more productive you will be. Disorganization wastes time and forces you to spend energy on a process that could easily be avoided. Here are three ways to be more organized, bringing clarity to your life and improving efficiency:

1. Write Things Down

One of the best ways to stay organized is to write down what you have to do. If you have a huge list in your head, it is very easy to forget everything, leaving you scrambling at the last minute to keep up.

2. Pick Up as You Go

Don’t become a person who leaves a mess in every room that they visit. Instead, pick things up as you go. When you are getting ready in the morning, put the cap back on your toothpaste and wipe the sink; as you’re leaving the office, take five minutes to organize your papers and get things ready for tomorrow; before you go to bed, do your dishes. You’ll be happy with the change.

3. Minimize

If you want to stay organized, adopt the principle of minimalism. This means only taking on–both emotionally and physically–the things that you need or bring you joy. Stop committing to things you don’t want to do or don’t have time for; stop buying things that are just material possessions. Minimalism is ideal for organization.

How do you stay organized in your life?

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