Accepting Your Limits

What are your limitations in life?

It can be hard to accept your limitations, draw lines and form boundaries for yourself. For those who are struggling to accept their limits in life, there may be a constant struggle between what is and what is wanted; not accepting your limits can be emotionally draining.

Why You Need to Accept Your Limits

Accepting your limits and not trying or giving up are two entirely different things. While the first refers to accepting the realities of a situation, the second refers to resignation. Accepting reality, and embracing yourself with all of your limitations, is key to good health and a positive outlook on life.

How to Accept Your Limits

Start by acknowledging your limitations. If it helps, make a list of things that you excel at and things that you cannot do or areas in which you feel you are lacking. Look at the second list – are there ways that you can get around challenges, or are some of the things that you want truly impossible to achieve? If they are, how does this make you feel?

Now, look at the list of things that you excel at. Praise yourself. Love yourself. Accept that you are enough. 

How do you overcome or accept limitations?

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