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How Do We Achieve Euthymia or Peace of Mind?

How do you remain focused with your goals if you are plague with stress and doubt?

Whenever we work too hard to achieve our goals, our focus becomes intense as well as our bodies. We sometimes don’t realize, stress is the crowd that is loud and pervasive in our lives.

Once there is stress our natural tendency is to follow the crowd and move towards what’s the norm in our environment. That stress overtakes our own personal needs and desires and there’s a toll. It is presented, sometimes by management and other times by our own desires to reach the top, we automatically mimic those people around us, who seem successful and have reached the top.

In truth, this is not helping us. Because taking the easy way out, following others’ success won’t give us that peace within ourselves. We forget to ask ourselves, “Is this what I want? Am I doing what I want to achieve? Is this really my path?”

If there is doubt in our plans to achieve success, we won’t feel tranquil or confident. When we are troubled or distracted with our choices, it’s clear that we have to redirect our path towards what’s right. It is true that we have been misguided for some time, so we must know how to go back and take the right turn.

Achieving quiet confidence or Euthymia as they call it, is what we need according to Seneca, a great philosopher. They say, calmness or steadiness of mind will let you reach up to a god like level as per the Greeks. Once you have reached the point of peace, you will surely find your way easily towards success.

Here’s how you achieve that peace:

1) Remember to pay attention to doubt 

Doubts are simply signals that you need more information. They are actually not meant to get you back away, quit or give up. A doubt is the simple signal in your brain to begin to ask better and sometimes more questions.

We’ve gotten accustomed to doubt being the sign that we are not meant for something or that it’s too much for us to accomplish. That is in fact the complete opposite of what doubt is designed to do for us.

Use doubt to your advantage…

2) Listen to your own instincts

There will always be some back and forth in our decisions. Sometimes you waver, but if you know what you want and understand yourself, you reach that tranquility within you.

It may be hard to choose between what we’ve been used to do and what we choose. But your instincts will tell you, you won’t be free of what others want you to do. There will always be someone who will influence you, but if you are confident in your own choices you can be a whole other person.

3) Staying strong in uncertainty 

It is confusing when you know that the path you are going, leads you to uncertainty. You feel lost whenever you are not sure on what you should do. However, you must learn to stay strong with your beliefs. If you have gained that focus, no matter what uncertainty comes your way, you will be in charge.

So why do you do what you do? That’s the question you need to answer. Stare at it until you can. Only then will you understand what matters and what doesn’t. Only then can you say no, can you opt out of stupid races that don’t matter, or even exist. Only then is it easy to ignore ‘successful’ people, because most of the time they aren’t – at least relative to you, and often even to themselves. Only then can you develop that “quiet confidence” Seneca talked about.

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