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Are Your Beliefs Preventing You From Reaching Success?

Beliefs are slippery little suckers, and they’re operating all the time. Anywhere you don’t like a result , you’ll find a limiting belief that’s simply not serving you and ready to take you down in a moment’s notice. Anywhere you love a result, you’ll likely find beliefs that serve, amplify, and simply make you stand taller.

Here’s what I know about these pesky thoughts: Beliefs are always present. Beliefs are contagious (yep, they have an energy about them and can be easily caught if you’re around either the good or bad). And when it comes to believes, awareness is often missing and it’s as if you’re operating on autopilot.

This is mental rocket science but it is all figure-outable.

Here are some common symptoms and examples of beliefs I see get in the way of people’s success:

  • Beliefs about self:
    • “I’m not good enough”;
    • “I can’t do this”;
    • “They’re going to find out I really don’t belong here” (good ol’ “Imposter Syndrome”);
    • “I’m not the kind of person to ___”;
    • “That type of success is for THEM”;
    • “I don’t know enough yet”; and
    • “I’m a bad leader/I’m not a leader/why would they listen to me?”.
  • Beliefs about others.
    • “He’s a fool, incompetent, doesn’t do it right”;
    • “He doesn’t like me”’
    • “She likes me only for ___”;  
    • “My child isn’t going to listen to me”;  
    • “I’m a big loser”; and
    • “They (the infamous organizational ‘they’) won’t let me.”
  • Beliefs about people/the world.
    • “They’re good”;  
    • “They’re bad”;
    • “People are out to get me”;
    • “People are rooting for me to do well”;
    • “People are rooting for me to fail”;
    • “People are better than me”; and
    • “People are worse than me.”
  • Beliefs about money.
    • “It’s evil”;
    • “It’s hard to make”;
    • “I don’t deserve it”;
    • “They have the secret system and I never will”;
    • “I’m not the kind of person who makes a lot of money”;  
    • “I’d rather give than receive”;
    • “There’s not enough”;
    • “Someone will go without if I get what I want”;
    • “I’m not good at managing my money”; and
    • “Money is handled by the men.”
  • Beliefs about results/processes.
    • “This will not work”;
    • “This is going to be impossible/hard/painful”;
    • “This is going to suck”;
    • “They’re going to hate this”; and
    • “I’ll never get it right, so why try?”

Note that this is not about being inauthentic or ditching or diminishing your beliefs or pretending they don’t exist — they do, and they’re precious. It is about noticing them and what they TRULY are, questioning them, considering if they’re real (or even yours), and IF they serve, and then — if needed — exploring alternative options/beliefs/truths that might serve better.

Simply pause, breathe, and explore your thoughts. Stay awake, wake up or get help waking up. Get your curiosity back about everything, including what you’re experiencing in your body and the thoughts in your head. The worst thing you can do is power through because that little slippery belief will dig in deeper.

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose and profits.

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