Clarity- The Portal to Eliminate Exhaustion

You walk around thinking you need to have more time and energy for your business. Your mind is filled with many thoughts that are the ‘ughs,’ of I don’t want to, or “I forgot” and “I don’t have enough.” Time is the finite element that seems to evaporate when you have to prepare for what you’ve dreamed up next or when you need your team to crunch for another launch. The prospect of not enough time sucks you into thinking in what I call an upside down manner.

The reality is that when you lose focus on the task that you’ve started, you find that you’re down to the wire or that you’ve completely exhausted the ‘time’ you’re allotted. Your clarity around the project is diminished by the exhaustion of your energy body and your mind, which then results in less than you desire.

Clarity is a beautiful word. Clarity is when life is in focus. To experience clarity, take a moment to pause and think about a lake or ocean where you can see all the way to the bottom and view whatever is usually out of sight. It brings a feeling of lightness when you’ve made a soul-filled decision that you know is right, regardless of what others tell you. Usually we have clarity for fleeting moments and then the energy that you’ve been sitting, swimming and walking around in sets in again. This is the exact time when clarity seems to evaporate.

You are a body with a field of energy that surrounds you. This field is similar to a home that sits on a piece of land. The homeowner can either tend the yard or land and make it beautiful, clear and productive or allow things to pile up. Just as we see when a homeowner has let things pile up so the land looks trashy and unkempt. When things pile up inside, then your field fills up with what I call ‘poopie energy. This ‘poopie energy’ is something that has built up over time and has become your friend and enemy, all at once. It’s been there to help you heal and stay safe and to get to exactly where you are today. When you gain a moment of clarity, but you feel like it’s just out of arm’s reach, it’s because your field is filled with this ‘poopie energy’.

In some ways, this energy is like scar tissue in that it’s hard and difficult to change, but you can change it. How do I know you can remove scar tissue, without a surgery through the use of energy? I’ve done this and it has been wildly successful. The same principles apply to your life, health and health of your business. That old scar energy must be cleared up and disintegrated so that the clear creative energy that is your natural resource is free to flow. Many times we think that the clarity is going to bring the result. Yet, clarity is the natural result of releasing old energy scars that makes all the difference between ‘poopie energy’ muddiness and clarity.

A slice of what I’m talking about regarding energy and clarity is below.

Expand Your Energy Not Just Your Vision

To be expansive in the traditional business sense is to think bigger, create a bigger goal and plan for bigger results to achieve success. What I’m talking about is how to expand your energy body. Yes, I did mean to say energy body.

In the traditional world of words we believe bigger is better. What we really need to sustain in the realm of bigger is an energy body and energetic system that is really the foundation of the bigger vision, mission, purpose and goal.

Every time I work with someone who is struggling I must first work with the energy body to basically prop them up until they can handle that on their own. The energy body is a container for all that is and all that is to come. It must reflect the overall largeness of a vision or plans will falter and there will be struggle, ill health and difficulty making money.

Get Real – Authentic That Is

There’s a fine line between responsibility and over-responsibility. Taking responsibility brings freedom and often spurs us into giant leaps in our growth, business and finances. Over responsibility is when you take responsibility for everything and everyone’s feelings and results, yet you cannot hold the boundaries that bring balance. Getting authentic means that the core essence of who you are shines through in everything you do and share.

Self-awareness, accurate perception and firm resolve are keys to a healthy state of authenticity and correct responsibility. When these are realized they bring about leaps in your business that seem magical. These are pillars of strength that bring clarity to everything and allow leaps to occur where before, clarity was out of arms reach, making it impossible to achieve your vision and goals and plans. The magic often occurs when you shine the authenticity in your heart so the world can see it. This is when abundance shows up in your bank account. It won’t just show up in your physical bank account, but your energetic bank account as well. This energetic bank account is the one where the body sheds unnecessary weight, the mind gets creative, time seems to be your friend and everyone is seeking your counsel.

Create Some Space

How many things do you have on your desktop? How many icons are cluttering your computer screen that you no longer need? I bet there are things in your closet that you cannot stand nor will you ever wear, even during Halloween. There are apps on your phone that are no longer relevant or that you even recall what they do?

The point is that you likely have papers, projects, clothes, shoes and electronics, ­all kinds of things, ­that take up space. Unfortunately they also take up space in your mind as well as your physical environment.

I have made a commitment to keep my email boxes clear from clutter and place each item in folders so that I can easily access them when needed. This extra space has actually allowed me to have more time and creativity.

As you allow yourself more space in your mind and environment you allow more energy and flow into your body and brain. Monks live in simplicity for the very reason to create and be of the highest service to the world, rather than like most of us that are in service to things.

The saying goes “Have lots of cows to take care and you have little time to take care of the things that are essential.” Really the ancient saying goes “Have lots of cows to take care of and all you’re taking care of is your cows.”

Let go of the things that are wasting space in your mind, in your body and in your environment. Some of the things that take up space in your mind are feelings of guilt, anger, frustration. These actually take up a great deal of time and space. If you have just 1% less of these kinds of feelings taking up space, you’ll find that you have much more time, space and clarity.

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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