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Completing Small Tasks Can Provide You With a Sense of Control

How can accomplishing small things help you succeed with big things?

A recent article published in The New York Times speaks to the importance of completely small tasks in order to provide yourself with a sense of control and accomplishment. In fact, the article claims that doing something as simple as making the bed in the morning can provide a foundation for the start of a good day.

It’s Not Really About Making the Bed

The article uses the act of making the bed as an example to speak to an “anchor” in the day that encourages you to keep completing other tasks, and provides you with a small sense of fulfillment and pride.

But it’s not really about making the bed – it’s about accomplishing something, even if that something is small. Which means that you can apply the make-the-bed-for-a-better-day philosophy to nearly anything in your daily routine. This includes starting the day with:

  • exercise;
  • a healthy breakfast;
  • a meditation session;
  • doing the dishes;
  • organizing your tasks for the day; or
  • anything else that you find productive and personally satisfying.

Give Yourself Some Power

The important thing about doing something that makes you feel productive is that it gives you a sense of being in control, and is illustrative of the fact that you have power over your own life, and many things within your life. Instead of leaving the house in the morning flustered, take some time to do something that anchors you and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

What small tasks in life leave you feeling good?

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