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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. From wherever you’re listening or watching, my name’s Sheevaun Moran, and I’m here Driving For Your Success. And why do I Drive For Your Success? Success is something that we actually need to achieve every day in little ways. And we think of successes, this great big giant ball of, I’m going for the goal. But, you know, success is a daily venture. It’s a daily endeavor. It’s something that you need to strive for every day. Oftentimes we just check out and don’t really plan for success.

We’re not engaged in our day of success. We’re so attached to that end goal, that end game, that one thing that we don’t think about. The little micro things that are so necessary in order to achieve the one thing. And then there will be another thing. You know, that’s the way it goes. That’s called living. That’s called living and getting more enlightened in your life. We have a little group over on Facebook called Enlightened Living, and we talk about these things over there. But my topic for you today isn’t necessarily about the micro choices. It’s about the micro, micro choices that you don’t pay attention to.

Choice and energy are actually intertwined. And I talk with clients about this a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. And people will say to me, Oh, but this happened. And we have to look and find where those choices are made and when they were made. It could have been a week, a month, a year, 10 years, 15, or 20 years before. And those choices start to bring forth into life every choice that we have when we choose to see somebody and think about something and maybe judge somebody when we choose to, dismiss somebody when we choose to interrupt somebody in a conversation. And I could go off on a tangent about that in a minute. I think I’ll do another video on that one for you. But our choices are so necessary and we actually abdicate a lot of choices and say, oh, the universe, or it wasn’t meant to be, or what’s happening to me. And it’s not about being a victim, it’s about when did you make a choice to have the experience that you had?

This topic came up really deeply because of a client conversation I had, the other day, and this beautiful soul, put on an event and, you know, was in over her head, but really wouldn’t ask for my help, even though she was a client. You know, go figure, right? And so anyway, she ended up asking for my help. I and you know, I ended up speaking on her stage with many hundreds of women in the audience. And the choices that this beautiful soul made along the journey to getting to this event, created anxiety and tension and stress and sickness, and so much more chaos than you can even imagine. And a lot of her conversation has been, Why me? What’s going on? Why am I I’m doing everything? Well, the choice that she made, interestingly, when we did this little technique that I do with clients to unwrap these things and unravel them and reconfigure them and straighten them out, it’s amazing.

This technology is amazing. Anyway, when we were going through this process with her, one of the words that came up was, I enjoy the chaos. Holy crap. She didn’t even wanna stop and acknowledge that her choices of enjoying the chaos, enjoying what all of the problems were, were really fascinating. She just really didn’t wanna dive into it. And so I encourage you to learn more about how you make choices, where you make choices from, and the little micro choices you’re making that are preventing you from achieving that day of success, that next level of success, the success that you dream of and desire.

And hey, if you want help with it, you can email me at author@SheevaunMoran.com or go to SheevuanMoran.com for all kinds of cool stuff. And, you know, subscribe, like, share, and comment. You are important and your choices matter. So learn about them and let’s get your choices on track. Have an awesome.

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