Embracing Rejection for Financial Success

Without financial success, you’re not able to live and expand. But what often happens is that you reject the good that you’ve achieved just to get to the next level.

When you reject anything, you’ll find that the road becomes littered with more rocks and potholes.

Can you embrace rejection to gain financial success?

Every rejection you make ensures you get rejected. This is the boomerang effect and makes financial success more challenging. So how do you overcome it and embrace–rather than reject–things in your life?

The harder you push against the difficult things, the more difficulties you will have until you yield. One method you can incorporate to overcome this is Aikido. Aikido is an effective, non-resistant method that allows for one to take down the opponent with a slight move of the hand. That’s true non-resistance.

You may experience rejection. You may feel rejected. Rejection is only the first step on that extended step ladder that leads to the top. If you don’t take this first step, you’ll be prevented from ever reaching the summit.

When you become adept and adapt to your internal rejections, those external ones are like water off the back of a duck.

Rejection is necessary for refinement.

Keep refining and you’ll find that you’re at the top almost before you recognize it. Too often we’re caught in a rejection of the past when that is the very foundation of where we thrive today or can thrive.

“By honoring the past, we get to be more in the present and step more easily into the future.”


Rejection Is Necessary

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