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Tell me what’s been happening. Let’s not be so secret about this. So one of the things about my challenges is that I create this sacred space so that those miracles can burst through. And if you are willing to allow them, receive them, achieve them, respond to them. Take action on the, then the miracle becomes real. Miracles are sometimes, intangible. We’ve got Angela from Virginia. Welcome. Welcome. We’ve got Jen working with a client today and her client needs some boundaries with time. My client almost wanted two barter for my experience, but I said, no. Yay. That’s really good. Let’s teach you how to do more. Let’s teach you how to do more interesting things. Let’s see, where are we with time? We’ve got about another minute while we’re waiting for folks to join us.

Let’s do another little shout-out. Usually, by day 3 people are kinda like, oh, it’s good. I feel better because the energy’s still flowing. The videos will stay alive for a little bit. And then what we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna give you an opportunity to get them inside of our, we have a store that has all the Woolah challenges. So, if you wanna get access to them, it’s Woolah.Store. And that has, oh my gosh. So many cool challenges in there. Every time I look in there, I’m like, oh yeah, I gotta listen to that. But this will, this will go into, that store area, in a couple of days, Daniel in the house. Let’s see, let’s do a few. Let’s wait another few moments, as folks join in Typing… all right. Getting We are alive. I haven’t, I went to the beach to meditate on how to get into alignment. Well, it’s not a how thing. So let’s talk about that. And I got shown that making a YouTube video, got me into alignment. Okay, great. So did you make that YouTube video around being, yep? Did you make that YouTube video? That’s the question? Did you make that actual YouTube video? Hmm, fascinating. Cool. Okay.

Yes and then I got too tired to upload. Hmm, okay. Well, too tired to upload is equipped. It means you’re not in the center and you’re not following the breadcrumbs of achievement. Just so you know, to call you out. So when I call you out and I say stuff to you, that’s a little direct. It’s with love. It may not feel like love because it’s a, you know, it’s a truth that you just didn’t wanna look at. So just know that you’re loved, you’re safe and this is a wonderful space. So let’s step up and step in. So has the breathing been going and the getting grounded. So let’s see. Where do I? Yeah. Okay, great. So let’s just roll. One of the things I really wanted to focus on today is that if you think of the earth, the earth has water. It is filled with air. It’s filled with minerals. It’s filled with, uh, sunshine. So fire air earth, water, right? Those are the four elements. And the really fascinating thing is the earth is our home and it is the center.

It is the center of our existence. It is the place where we are nourished. We are fed where we can thrive and achieve, and the earth isn’t looking for somewhere out there, the earth isn’t looking to go to the sun. The sun is coming to the earth, an interesting concept. And the earth is in and of itself inside of a container inside of a bubble. Meaning the earth is, in the center. We are living in the center. And if we take this concept and say, we are the center, we are actually filled with our supply and our opportunity. And we are, we are the supply because we are in the center and the center. Now, this is gonna be a little bit deep teaching today. So you’re probably gonna wanna revisit this pretty quickly again and again and again. Then if you really wanted to get it later, it’s in, it’s gonna be in our Woolah.Store.

So, the earth being the center and us, the physical being, being on the earth on the center, living from the center is an untrained circumstance that we have been trained out of. We have been talked out of, we have been convinced out of, we have been a school out of, we have been, environmentally enveloped out of our center, out of our natural center. We’re looking to have something more, some more success. And we are the center of our success. We are the center of our success. If we are not the success that we want, we are not experiencing how or two different things. We are not experiencing the, that we want to have. Then we are not being in the center for ourself of ourselves, by ourselves, and to ourselves. And we are not acting as if we were living on this amazing planet.

We are the center, our center here, and we are the supply because we are the center that does this kind of land with anybody. So if you want to get mentored, coached, step in, get that next step. You want to revisit this idea again and again because every client that you need is already here for you. And yet you are looking outside of you. It’s like, it’s like Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. Well, the earth doesn’t want to go to Mars. Elon Musk wants to go to Mars because he’s a futurist and he wants to achieve more, etc. He sees something that is dangerous on the planet that we need to prepare for. So he is an Explorer. Well we’re, and he’s exploring his inner world as well. He talks about it. You can see it in his tweets and such like that.

But we are not doing that mission of going to Mars, going to Saturn, going to you know, going to another plant on it. We are here on the earth and we are our supply and our center. And if we are not experiencing that, we are the ones that are actually going like this and putting walls up around us saying, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. I don’t want that. I don’t want it to, I don’t want help like that. I don’t experience that. I don’t wanna pay for that. I don’t wanna do that. It’s too much. It’s too hard. It’s too. Thus it’s too. And you don’t ask, you don’t ask and then you’re not in the receiving. And if you think about what’s going on around the world right now, it’s really interesting to the effect that there’s a lot of strife for people looking, looking outside, looking for more grab, grab, grab, grab.

And what we need to do as our center is received, receive, receive breathing is receiving the mileage that is filling the air and filling the energy. Cuz the energy is filled with molecules that are actually gonna fuel our system. How did the people in the Holocaust who are fed so little survive and actually long, some of the longest living people on the planet is because they were filling their molecules. They were just basically breathing. Yes, it was difficult, but they were breathing and they stayed in the center and they knew that there was a different opportunity. Not everybody lived through it. I get that. But you’re here. So you have an opportunity to live through it. So you have to choose again and again and again. And the brain may say, it’s too much. I’m too tired. I’m not excited enough. I’m not enthusiastic enough.

I’m not, I’m not, I don’t have enough leads. I don’t have enough. This and the truth of the matter is we live on this amazing planet and we do have enough. It’s here. It’s here for you. I promise. I guarantee if when you’re willing to allow it to come to you because as you have attitude, you actually take the getting energy and you get it to be giving energy and giving energy. You have to now then allow yourself to receive that energy. Cause if you’re not receiving the energy, then your body will be tense. Your mind will be smaller and your vision will get narrowed. And then, you know, look to steal from somebody else and being the center is trees. Don’t try to steal from somebody else. I have, I have a backyard full of, bamboo trees and they’re clumping bamboo trees.

So they wouldn’t take over my land. And so clumping means they interact and engage with each other, but they’re not competing and stealing. They’re actually trying to figure out how to thrive as a community. Okay, so trees try to thrive as a community so as to really help the whole of that, organism thrives and not decimate the entire organism. And so we as humans, we are living as if there’s not enough, we have enough, are we doing the things to tell people out there that we are the solution to the question that they’re looking for or an answer to? I’ll tell. So here’s something interesting. Jen, so you’ve been doing some lives and stuff like that. And I saw this really interesting thing. I didn’t click on it because I didn’t have time. I saw this really interesting combination of outfits and I thought go girl, dang, that’s good.

Wouldn’t have thought of that. That’s really good. It was different patterns or something. And I thought, you know, there are people out there who want that, but they don’t know that they can do that. Pull it off. That it’s good. It’s achievable. That it’s whatever. So like when I was in corporate, I was one of the few women who had long blonde hair, long hair, let alone long blonde hair, and long, long hair. My hair was even longer then. The fascinating thing that I always strove for was being my center and that meant I wore purples. I did not wear blues and blacks. Yeah, I wore purples and I wore like Fusia and I wore green and I wore pants and I wore, you know, different funky colored tops. And I wore flats because I would sometimes have to walk really far.

I remember this one meeting I went to, this is how one of my companies got born is… I flew to this meeting and I had all of my suit tops or suit jackets and the tops, but I only had two pairs of jeans and that was not the look I was going for. Cause I was trying to close this big deal and I thought, oh, here’s here we go. We’re gonna have to outfit and go for it. It was in Kansas City and it was fricking cold and I didn’t have the right temperature item to wear for the temperature. And I became the center of what I needed to achieve and thrive. And yes, I landed that deal and I was then, introduced to achieve other deals.

So the next idea that came from that is one of my businesses called Pack Light actually a long time ago. I was interviewed all over the world for this cool idea that I came up with. So the really interesting, important thing about this is you are the supply, you have it in you and around you, you have to receive it and you have to take action to achieve it, to receive it. So an action to receive has to be inhaled and exhale. So that’s a metaphor. And one of the action steps that you must do being the center is to let people know that you or the, to the thing that they are looking for. How do you do that? You do that through, being you not being in blame or lack or worry or limitation.

I get that, that happens. I get that your brand new brain every day wakes up going. I don’t, oh my God, I can’t. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, I get this, I get it. I hear you. I get it. And at the end of the day, you were divinely created. You made it here and you have an opportunity to step into what you’re here to achieve and receive it. Have you done the actions to receive it? Cause if we go back to the basics of what I was talking about with breathing, most people breathe shallowly. Most people breathe and hang out with other shallow breathers, right. But if you breathe with people who breathe fully more fully again and again, then what starts to happen is you start to achieve more and you start to get out of lack and limitation and you start to get into receiving. So if you’re looking to downscale and keep less than and get smaller, you’re actually thinking about dying. And you’re not thinking about living from your center to achieve your next step. I feel like I’m at Sunday sermon. So forgive me. I hope this is useful. But it’s something that, I really know that it’s here for you. You made it here. You chose to be here and your opportunity to achieve more is because you’re here. So let’s do this.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t go and take a nap and wake up and go back to it. It doesn’t mean that you don’t do a cleanse to achieve something and feel better about something. But it does mean that you take responsibility and say, I am the center. I supply. I am the supply. It is everywhere in all. Life supply is everywhere in all life forms. Now, if you need dollars to come from it, that means you need to translate that into words so that you speak that to somebody and you put that into a page so that they can say it. Hey, I want that man and if you’ve been hiding from sharing words, which most people do most Woolah do they hide from sharing those words until they have enough, whatever time, energy LA, LA, LA, rather than you using the systems that are out there today to, to really make things.

So one of the things that’s absolutely critical is to pay attention to the fact that you are a creative spirit and you are the substance and you are the supply so long as you take action to achieve and receive. Okay. So let me pause while I go through some of the comments here. So thanks for being here, Susan. Hmm. That’s interesting. My body has been tense since I flew. Daniel says, it’s like, you’re speaking directly to what I’m experiencing right now. Hmm. Haha. Thanks, Susan. That was about Jen. I rarely cry and I’ve been crying on and off all day. Probably be helpful for me to go back and watch days one and two of this challenge. Absolutely because they’re, you know, if you know anything about my challenges, I always save the coolest stuff for day three.

Not to just hook you, but I really need you to be prepared so that you can really receive these things by day three. Right? So the most important thing is that you take action, take action on the things that you have been inspired to do act upon. Even if they sound ludicrous, holy crap. Even if they sound ludicrous, cuz listen, some of the greatest inventions, some of the greatest wealth have come from people who have taken action have taken action from the most stupid ina impossible, expensive ideas. Because listen, if you think about Disney, Disneyland and Disney World, and Disney and Disney channel, it’s all because of some, some guy who wouldn’t give up on an idea and an inspiration to keep having. So let’s not back down y’all, let’s not back down and really start fulfilling what you’re here to fulfill so you can achieve and achieve and achieve.

Okay, great. I’m on a good rant today. I missed days one and two because of an event, or we’ll have to catch up on the first two days. Yes, please do Susan. It’s going to so I would do one, two and then three again, Umhmm again had been around my had, who had pneumonia in both lungs for over five weeks. Cut my cords, but maybe not enough. Definitely noticed a difference in my breathing when we were together. So here’s something that’s important. I’ll give you an example of a story from my mother. My long story short, long, long story short. My sister wanted to have me convince my mother to have a surgery that she shouldn’t have had and I stopped it. And then a couple of years later she convinced her to actually have it.

Didn’t tell me and my mother ended up in the internal ICU unit and my sister called me and says, oh my God, you gotta see her. You gotta do your thing. You gotta, you gotta. So I go, I fly to the east coast, walk into ICU. And if you all know me, forgive me, I do walk in like I own it, but I knew I was there to help my mom. I decided that I could breathe for both of us. Why did I decide that? Because I have the skill and the capability to do that, I also needed to have support in order to do that. And at the end of the day, everybody left me at the hospital and they left me alone with no food, no water, no clothes, nothing. And so what did I use? I used the tools that I teach and I stayed in my center and I stayed there for three days and I got her to wake up and got her out of ICU.

Now that is an extraordinary circumstance. I get it. However, if I didn’t have my tools and know tools beyond the cord cutting Susan, and really deal with them at depth, massive depth. I could not have done that and come out on the other side and really been of health to myself because we had another two weeks that I needed to be there and solve the rest of the problems. So the most important thing is when you’re around people who are sick, unless you know how to really expand and not fall prey to small and small and shrinking and shrinking, you will succumb to that. Always physically, mentally, emotionally, and most especially energetic. And most especially energetically. I had this guy who was a client years ago. He was a world-renowned speaker. I don’t remember exactly what but something pretty cool, some big scientist in Japan.

And he was losing his lung capacity. And I said, okay, well, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do these exercises. And he said I can barley… as he walked and he came into my office with a breathing machine. I said, by the time we’re done, you’re gonna be off this stupid thing. You’re gonna be traveling the world again. He looked at me like lady you’re weird. So we worked with him a lot. His body was like my size and his energy was so small, so small. And so I gave him ritual and a routine and a process and we kept working on it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again until it became possible for him to heal more and more and more and more.

And so if you are succumbing to somebody else’s energy, which you will because Woolah’s tend to just give theirs away without totally restoring and refreshing and restoring and refreshing, then you will say, okay, I have to go and I have to hide and I have to play small. You do not, you supply, you are the source. All right, I’m gonna through all the comments. Um, take action. You said how isn’t part of it. How is not part of it? Yes. How is never part of it? Action is part of it. Appreciate them tools over the past month and a half. Yes. That is amazing. And likely it has shrunk your vision of what is possible because it is, it is a learned behavior. I have been doing these tools and using these tools all of my life. It is a learned behavior to step out of that and above it and out of it and above it and out of it and above it.

That’s why I teach all of the different tools and the advanced tools and the different advanced and advanced advance tools. And then I go back to simple so that you can take the simple and, and expand them out into more advanced. Danielle says that’s a miracle. Sheevaun how you use your tools is at that extreme. Yes, so you are creating life. You are the center and you have an opportunity to be more than you and achieve more and receive more than you are now. So if there’s one thing that you want to receive or achieve, you must first be the center. You must first be in your center. You must first be breathing because if you are not breathing and using breath, you are going to deplete yourself and deplete your bones and deplete the electronics in, your brain. Okay, because your brain is all electronics.

I know some of you are maybe like going, it’s a lot of energy, but it’s worth it. So, breathing is essential and I pretty much can be assured that you’re not breathing for the opportunity that you have. And so that inhale six seconds hold for three seconds, six hold for three needs to be consistent and persistent. And again, and again, remember what I was talking about yesterday, about jumping. I think the jumping actually makes us jump up and ahead. So our complacency will actually get our breathing and get us to think smaller, be smaller, act smaller, and try to go and shrink and be less than, uh, and if you have a need, it is there to already be met. You are not then being the supply to receive that so that that need can be met and we’re talking money or, or time or energy, whatever that is.

And the most important thing about being in the center is if you are not breathing, you can cut your cords. That’s great. Those are great. And we’ll put a video up there. We’ll put a link to a video up there if you want those, for those of you who are, if you want to access those, but it’s essential that this cord kiting happen. It’s more essential that you breathe. It’s more essential that you move your body and it’s more essential that you do the grounding and then the rest starts to occur. And so when you’re in nature, you actually tend to breathe more and you tend to receive more, but we’re not always in nature, but we are in nature. Even if we’re in the midst of buildings, we are in nature. Even the people in war term countries are on nature. They’re not stopping. They’re gonna keep going. So our compassion and our empathy are actually getting us to think smaller than they are thinking. So why would we go and do that and play that game? So the being in the center is those three things that I gave you and then be in gratitude, be in the energy of gratitude, think of many things, many things that you’re grateful for breath. Think of the place that you live, think of the car that you drive. Think of the lights that are in your house. 

Think of it like this, be grateful for this Woolah community. Be grateful for the opportunities that you have that you haven’t taken advantage of, uh, be grateful for more and more things. And then go and say, yes, this is the thing I want to receive so I can achieve a bit and then be grateful again. Don’t do this in just a two-minute thing, cuz if you’re doing it in a two-minute thing, it’s just not gonna really, fill, fill the bucket enough in order to achieve it. And if you have doubt, then go back to the beginning and start all over because doubt is on only, it’s only a tiny little energy that you’re making much more massive than you have the opportunity to achieve. Let’s see, Danielle I’m Notre. I’m definitely not breathing intentionally and blaming sinus stuffiness. Interesting. It is interesting. Totally. It is interesting. So let me make sure as I, so type in some stuff, while I look at the find the thing I wanna read to you. Hmm.

Okay, your breath is the very simplest illustration that we can take from all nature of the true supply of life. Let us talk about it a little meaning breath. You will, of course, admit that you live by your breath. You have to admit you live by your breath or Elser does not tell the truth. Breath is life itself. It is brought to you through breath and as we breathe, we’re alive and as we’re alive, we cease to achieve. And as we tend to cease breathing shallow or shallow and shallow, more shallow breathing, we tend to cease life, which will then seize our opportunity, which will then cease our ability which will then cease our achievement. Does this help?

Does this help? Substance in the universe is all about breath for every living thing, depends upon its breath for life trees, earth minerals, rocks even depend upon breath for life. Gold, all of these things that we wear clothes, depend upon breath. They depend upon breath in order to go and achieve that next iteration. If you can see then the wisdom of the, as simple as an illustration, you have solved the whole of your problems. You already are the source and you are already supplying. Now you have to really take the tools and be in action and continue to get mentored. So you achieve that next level because as we get out into humanity and we deal with the rest of humanity, that doesn’t think like this, it doesn’t believe like this. It doesn’t act like this. It doesn’t even, you know, they get a concept of it, but they can’t play like this. We actually have to be held to a standard. So we go above and above and above and above.

It’s important. More important than you really do, you better, do you more centered, do you, in a way that you haven’t tried to do you in this way of being centered and achieving and receiving? So a couple of things, that we put together, the website, I just found out isn’t live exactly. Cuz I think maybe I made a mistake. My tech people didn’t maybe tidy up after me as I create on the fly. Go to, we’re gonna do a one day retreat and they’re gonna be 15 seats in our center, in our space in San Clemente and we’re gonna do it in July and it’s epic life wisdom, just so you know, um, it’s not available today. Sorry, but there are gonna be 15 seats available and we’re gonna do this retreat and then whoever wants to attend live, online, that’s fine. You don’t have to fly in, but there are 15 seats in person and that’s on July 16th is the date I remember. I wanna give you the invitation, you’ll get this special invitation, this early registration invitation. I haven’t done, little mini-retreats for many, many years. And I really think it’s important for us to you, for us here at Energetic Solutions, shake things up for you so you can have the community that you want so you can learn to receive more and more because there’s something fascinating. 

Y’all now right now in all of this construct of chaos and ideas of war, I think actually we’re going through trauma re trauma from, what was that World War II. Um, E even though weren’t alive to experience that, I suspect we have trauma energy on the earth around that that we’re tapping into. And I really think now is a, is, is more important to tap into something better and more, and to really tap into an opportunity that hardly anybody knows. That’s there for you to get more on your purpose and to receive more than you’ve ever been able to receive. Does that make sense? Anyway, there are lots of comments. So let’s get back to the comments for a second. Husband has something with his breathing right now. I woke up a little stuff, just did six to completely Woolah stuffed. Nice, what is see humming that happens when you breathe?

I don’t know. What is the humming when you ha happens when you breathe could be your heart could be all kinds of cool stuff. Don’t make it wrong. Just allow it to be, you could be, you know, there’s a lot of energy going around everywhere. So, it could be that you’re hearing more of the humming from the energy, from wherever you’re at. Don’t make it wrong. These things are not wrong. These things are not gonna take you out, take you down or make you bad or give you harm unless you choose for them to give you harm. Interesting. Right? Unless you choose for them to give you harm. So Epic Life Wisdom is the thing. If you wanna go to the store, get the other, get the other, all of the other challenges I suggest doing that Woolah.Store. And in three days, this will be, the recordings will be inside of there. Yes, they will be inside of there. And, I wanna make sure, I think I had one mother more thing I wanted to read to you.

I would, it is important that you recognize that you have within you, the ability to accomplish whatever you truly set your mind upon so long as you, you are willing to retrain and to accomplish that. Now, most people tend to try to accomplish that next thing with limited thoughts, limited ideas, lack, blame, worry, fear, anxiety, tension, stress, a what I call the unns and I want you to get back to the breathing and do those techniques that I just taught you of. Yes, cut your cord. Sure, do the breathing, get grounded, get centered, get grounded again, do the breathing. Okay. Be in gratitude, maybe spend 15, 20 minutes on this little process, breathe again, and then think of the thing you to receive to achieve, to receive. And again, if doubt comes in, just be like, when you’re out for the moment, we’ll get to you later. Okay, and then re-breath or breathe again, and then cut your cords and go about your day. So if you want to achieve more you’re to do this more often, if you want to receive more, you’re gonna have to do this more often. So let’s, let’s do this. Then, the website’s live for Epic Life Wisdom, I think Monday, then we’ll go ahead and remind you that it is available. There are only 15 spots in person cuz our center can hold 15.

Then the rest will be online. So comments, questions, thoughts, ideas, concerns, and weirdness go. This was the Saturday sermon on Sunday. Sermon on Saturday. I’ll take a pause. Thank you again for this challenge. Thanks for being here, Susan, Susan, I have little tongue twisters.

Feeling sad that I am at the center and not producing the results. Okay. So that’s a good one. So a feel so forgives me while I go off on another little brand y’all feels are not reals. I don’t mean R E E L S like Instagram feels aren’t really feel is actually a choice. I get that. It sounds weird. It sounds cold. It sounds, you know, it sounds raw, but when you are feeling that you’re sad or worried or blah, blah, blah, those are all choices that you have made to dive into the doubt and the lack and the limitation. If, and let’s, let’s make it a little bit more real. As you, as to an understanding of feels is, feels are an opportunity to either turn them into something great and wonderful, or they’re an opportunity to start the dying process. Think about this.

Imagine the people who were in World War II and in concentration camps. I mean, don’t imagine the sadness of it, but imagine the force and fierceness it took in order to stay out of the feels in order to really get real of this is really living or really dying. And it was re it was really a miracle that some of those, many of those people survived. The stories that I’ve read are just miraculous, and the most miraculous part is they didn’t play into the lowest parts of the fields. They didn’t dive into the depths of the fields. They were real with themselves and said, I’m going to, this is happening. I will see the end of this. I’m gone, and some of those people because of that determination have become monumentally successful before they passed in their life. So if they can do it, you have more capability within you have you more access within you because just of these devices.

So feels not so reals choices. It doesn’t matter why I slipped into poopyville right. Just take action to get out. Yes, ma’am, it doesn’t matter why it matters that you’re going to take action. That you’re going to step up and you’re going to take new action and don’t get into the, oh my God. I’m gonna punish I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t really, that would be just LRO city to say you shouldn’t. That would mean that you’re Anon. I’m not Anon. I just take action faster. Okay, I take action super fast because I know the results. If I stay into a non-real feel, does that make sense? So you know how I always say most many of you know, how I always say, so they say, you ask me how I am. I say awesome. The other day I did great.

Cuz my awesome was so off the charts. So, but it was cool. I had to like to tamp down my awesome cuz it would’ve blown everybody’s doors off. So, but yeah, I’m awesome. I’m awesome. On a scale of seven to 10. Okay. I’m not between a seven and a zero. It’s just not gonna happen. There’s no point to it. Life is too bloody. Floody blue, bloody short to be anything less than a seven to 10. Maybe if it once in a while for half a minute, you’re gonna get to a six, but listen, turn it around, turn it around, turn it around. We got this. Now if you need so too, you need to achieve something, be in your center and go grab it and then receive it. It’s here, and then I just have to invite you again to the Woolah.Store. That’s where you’re gonna find the recordings and Epic Life Wisdom. I wish the site were live, but we’ll get there. You know, this is what happens whenever I do all when I do my own tech and I’m thinking on the fly, but I know the right ones will show up and I’ll get to see you there. So, I hope this has been useful. It sounds like it has turned it around. Turn it around, turn it around. Yes, ma’am let’s do it. All right. Two being centered, turn it around and rock in this week, see you soon.

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