How to Get a Quick Burst of Energy When You’re Feeling Sluggish

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Do you commonly experience an afternoon drag, where you can barely keep your eyes open? Do you find yourself having trouble staying awake in meetings? Did you fail to get enough sleep last night? Here are a quick few ways to stop feeling sluggish…

While the ultimate way to remedy these issues are to do things that stimulate you such as exercising, eating well, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep, here are some ways that you can get a quick burst of energy when you need it:

Do Some Jumping Jacks

It may be the last thing that you want to do when you’re tired, but doing some jumping jacks (or anything else that gets your heart rate up) can provide you with a short burst that will jumpstart your energy for the rest of the day.

Have a Cup of Coffee

While relying on caffeine for your energy is never recommended, it’s certainly true that a cup of coffee can provide a pick-me-up. Just don’t make it a habit. Do something out of the ordinary. 

Do Something Fun

Did you know that laughing can provide you with huge bursts of energy? Watch a funny clip if you don’t have a lot of time, read some jokes, or ask friends, family, or co-workers to join you for a quick session of a laugh-inducing game, like Mad Gab.

Go Outside

If you’re feeling sluggish and have low energy, take a walk around the block. This will not only get the blood flowing but it will also expose you to nature and sunshine, which is essential for good and maintaining energy levels.

How do you like to get your energy levels up when they’re low?

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