Getting Beyond Crisis

Getting Beyond Crisis | Driving For Your Success | Sheevaun Moran

Today’s topic is really important, it’s about how you might create from crisis to crisis to crisis. Something that happens when we feel pain is we place a lot of attention and energy on that pain in order to get that pain solved. Whether you have your own business, you’re part of a team or you’re leading a family unit, this crisis to crisis to crisis actually becomes habitual and kind of addictive. What you end up doing is only being able to create from crisis rather than create and what I call the upward trending cycle.

The upper trending cycle is it’s almost like the Doctor Dolittle thing that’s push me, pull me.You push for a bit of time and then you allow the energy to just carry you, and that’s nice, but that’s actually going to create chaos to chaos, chaos to crisis to chaos and really creating from that. That is exhausting, exhausting on the body, on the brain, on the revenue, on your own self worth.

The fascinating thing is, we get into these conflicts when we have downtime or when that pain has gone away. We think that we’re good. I got it, I’m good. We want that comfort. We want to stay safe in our own environment and we want it to stay the same way. That’s exactly when you need the greatest amount of help, because when it’s that fluid and you’re in that space of, I got it, got this going, finally got it, is when the down starts to occur. You won’t be paying attention when you’re in crisis.

When you’re going from crisis to crisis, you have to pay deep and focused attention. When you’re not focused, you really take your eye off things. You can see this in the economy. People aren’t looking to continue to do the upward trend. “I think I got it.” “I think I’m good.” “I think I’ll stay here.” So, where are you doing that creation? It’s like a mental laziness, it’s not wrong to be comfortable. Today in our society we actually have more ways to be comfortable than ever and we’re actually crisis. We can kind of be like when we were out and we were in the hunting zone. Look at that analogy.

I like to teach my entrepreneurs, clients and the people who are looking for that next level is let’s get this crisis, learn from it, move. The dip is just a swing and then we can get up to the next place. Let’s really sort this thing out because crisis to crisis is how societies actually fail!

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