How to Hone Your Critical Thinking Skills

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Follow these tips for improving your critical thinking skills.

When you are on the pathway to success, knowing how to think critically about a situation, including analyzing it, making connections, and finding creative solutions, is important. However, many of us learn to memorize information rather than think critically about it. Here are some tips for honing your critical thinking skills:

1. Ask Questions

Remember, in order to think critically about a situation, you need to analyze it. This means you need to ask the big questions, like when, why, and how. Don’t accept things how they are; find out why things are the way they are.

2. Try Thinking About Things in a New Way

You’ve heard the classic chicken and the egg dilemma – try thinking about more things in this way. If a equals b, does b equal c?

3. Weigh What You Know Against What You’re Being Told

A key characteristic of those who don’t think critically is that they tend to accept what others tell them as fact. Rather than just going with what you hear from the news, your boss, the government or another trusted source of information in your life, start weighing what you know against what you’re being told. Does evidence match up with facts?

When you learn to think more critically, you will begin taking more deliberate actions with more meaningful consequences.

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