Intersections of Science, Spirituality, and Success

There are those who would tell you that science and spirituality cannot coexist and that the two are polar opposites, when in fact, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s true that spirituality isn’t a physical science, but then again, neither is quantum theory. The science of spirituality is really more of an art, and it’s the art of connecting with your inner voice, your untapped energy,
and the best version of yourself, and then learning to let those faculties guide you to success.

Here are some tips on how you can use this science of spirituality to shift your energy and benefit yourself; not just in terms of business but in life in general: 

1. Consult your intuition on the journey to making decisions

Before making a big decision, people often overburden their minds with facts, figures, and complicated analysis; although those things can be important considerations, they really only tell half the story. One-half of the brain is analytical, and the other is intuitive, so making a decision with only the analytical side of your brain means that you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

What to do?

Well, for starters, ask yourself, “how do I feel about this decision?” Does option A or option B make you feel better inside; if so, then that’s a good indication that you may want to lean in that direction because your intuition can pick up a ton of information that your analytical brain simply misses.  

Know that your intuition has merit but also know that it needs to be handled like a muscle. Know that if you rely on another guide to assist with your intuitive hunches and ideas then you’re going to be more successful. The reason for this is that you’ve let this muscle get slackened and you’ll need to turn that muscle on so that your intuition isn’t just a need to be right in feeding your ego. Here’s a little audio to get things really moving on that front. (Click HERE)

2. Acknowledge what’s not working and commit to making an adjustment

From time to time, everyone finds themselves in a bit of rut; that can be in business, in their personal relationships, or creatively. The science of spirituality is ultimately about being aware of how you feel right now. If you’ve been on edge, depressed, stressed, or just feeling like you have no energy, then ask yourself why that is, and let your feelings answer. 

How would you like to be feeling right now at this moment? Try to remember the last time you felt that way and then try to duplicate that physical feeling inside of yourself right now; once you replicate that feeling inside of yourself, then watch how fast the universe responds, shifting not only your mood but also surprisingly the moods of those around you. 

3. Set a new and deep intention to change your focus, and success can follow

Take a few minutes out of your day to scan your mind and body for any tension or blockages, and then, if you find any, set an intention to release that energy and change course from whatever was causing it. You can think of the universe as being a restaurant with both success and failure on the menu. Your intention is your order. So, if you want to be successful, set that intention; order success.

The science of spirituality is all about self-awareness, so by noticing how you’re thinking, feeling, and acting at any given time and then setting the intention to alter those parameters, you will be able to take charge of your power and have more success in all areas of your life.

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