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How to Let Go of Your Desire to Be Well-Liked

Is your desire to be well-liked standing in the way of true happiness that comes from within?

Everyone wants to be well-liked. In fact, the desire to be well-liked is what drives many of our behaviors, even pushing us out of our comfort zones and leading us to do things that we don’t want to do (like attend the company BBQ or run the charity 5K). This desire is completely natural, and is probably even hard-wired into us as being crucial for survival. However, desiring to be well-liked doesn’t always pay off well. Indeed, when we focus too much energy on wanting to be liked, we can lose sight of what we really want for ourselves vs. what others want for or from us. So how do we correct this?

Identify What Makes You Feel Good

Get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes you feel good. If you know that other people’s approval makes you tick, what specifically about that approval makes you feel good? Is it being invited out? Getting compliments? Feeling included? Being praised?

Once you identify what makes you feel good, replicate it. Chances are that you can have that same feeling of approval without turning to others for it. For example, start complimenting yourself. Or, schedule friend and family outings with people you know care about you.

Derive Happiness from Within 

Giving yourself more credit and self-praise is a key part of being happy. Don’t rely on others as your sole source of well-being.

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