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Everyone Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. Today’s topic is marketing. Did you know that you market to yourself in all kinds of ways? You say negative marketing things, and you talk yourself out of marketing in healthy, productive ways. And as a small business, you have to market. But a lot of small business people think that they shouldn’t have to market.

They think that just because they have the business and they made an announcement and pronounced their event to their thing that they don’t have to market. And then there’s another subset of people who wait till the last minute to market kind of doing everything they can to sabotage their success, sabotage their thing. And so marketing is one of those areas where there’s a no love kind of thing happening on a regular basis with small business entrepreneurs, even entrepreneurs who are gonna sell their business.

I’ve seen a lot of that, I’ve helped a bunch of companies who are selling their business, and all of a sudden they forget or lose their mind about marketing. And the fascinating thing is marketing is really just speaking your truth so that somebody sees how to take a next step. Marketing is amazing when you make friends with marketing.

So your message for today is to make friends with marketing market to others talk about things. Hey, you talk about movies all the time, you talk about shows all the time. You talk about a food item all the time. And how that really, really is amazing.

Why aren’t you gonna talk about your business in marketing more? So today’s message again is to make friends with marketing and market in a way that makes you feel wonderful. And listen, if you can’t do it every day, at least do it once a week. And anything less than once a week is, not really gonna get in front of somebody’s face to get them to say, Hey, I want that. So we’d love to, stay in touch. So subscribe, like, comment, share, You know, go to if you want more cool things. We have so many cool things there. You wanna go there? All right, my name’s Sheevaun Moran, and market magically more today. See you soon.

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