4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Memory

Improving your memory doesn’t have to be tedious and boring.

When we are exposed to something new or are excited, our brains release a chemical called dopamine, which is transported to the part of our brain responsible for memory formation.

The boost of dopamine helps us to register the memory in the moment and recall the information when it is required at a later time.

Try these 4 simple tips to improve your recall when need to remember important information:

Take a short break and focus on your breath

#1 Short Breaks Improve Memory

Stop multi tasking and actually take a short break. Distract yourself for a few minutes by watching YouTube or answering your email.

Human attention span tends to decline after 45 minutes of focus, so distract yourself temporarily after a session of deep focus. You will be able to recall the information much better at a later time.

#2 Try Something New

You don’t have to learn a new skill, simply try your hand at something new. Surprise your brain with a new sensation. It could be running your hands over a different type of surface, or going outside to feel the cold, setting a diffuser with essential oils and breathing in a new scent.

Create intentional change in your workspace so that it doesn’t seem too familiar.

#3 Set Yourself Up For Quick Wins

Instead of having one big task to complete in a day, break it up into smaller goals that can be achieved quite easily. The sense of achievement from completing tasks gives your morale a boost and helps you record the information my better than trying to deal with one big chunk of information.

#4 Move Your Body Regularly

Whether you are walking to the water cooler, jumping rope, performing push-ups, or running up a flight of stairs, make sure you are taking regular body breaks.

You will not only give yourself a dopamine and endorphins boost, you will also be more creative at work.


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