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Hey there!

This is going to be a bit of a unique email. If you want the usual stuff then just pass on this one and we’ll see you soon.

Many of you know I’m an ex-coder and if you don’t, then know that I learned to computer code at the age of 14. I was even hired as an assistant controller at a small company in my tiny little town and I totally sabotaged that because who wants that type of responsibility at 15 1/2 and thank goodness I got my teen fun back.

I digress…

Geek defined

I have geeked out on technology for a long time. Yet, when it came to making a website and all the stuff that went with it, I just didn’t have the coding love nor was it really a super power at that point.

Essentially, I get the coding thing but I’m really not a coder nor do I want to be one. Fact is that I think in a very code type of way because of that schooling and early experiences. I think that makes me unique in blending the business building, systems and energetics.

My first time of getting onto the web was via AOL. Yes, THAT AOL. I was approached by them about my meditations being on their first on-line shop. Wow, that was a long time ago. I said “yes” and fact is, I was ahead of my time for that type of stuff but it was a way into the early on-line marketplace.

After that, I had a friend of mine at the time make a site for me that is still live and generating leads to this day. My goodness! It’s such an ancient looking site but it still works, interestingly.

Then, I hired a whole bunch of different folks to make websites and yes, I paid a lot of thousands and thousands of dollars. Every time I wanted a change, cha-ching for the web folks.

Recently, I had a shift in our company and discovered that in my heart I knew something was off.

How did I solve this?

I started drawing charts like I used to when I first learned coding.

About that time I was beyond frustrated with not having the ability to make a difference in how information was delivered to YOU. I even got so fed up that I started the process of hiring coders to solve my frustration.

What frustrated me was WordPress and that it kept getting hacked and every update required jumping through more hoops. Then, the three systems we used to share information with you were a wicked naughty tangled hard to handle mess.


I was speaking at an internet marketing event about how to blend business and energetics for more influence and income. Love that topic, by the way.

That’s when I ended up being the driver, who took Russell Brunson to the airport after he spoke. We chatted about what he was up to and wham it became super clear. I don’t need to hire folks as he already had my whole plan mapped out and working.

Russell Brunson_Sheevaun Moran
Sheevaun Moran and Rusell Brunson


You’ve heard of him and thought he’s an intense marketer, but truth is the system that he and his partners created have made my life and business easier than I could ever have imagined.

Sheevaun Moran and Dylan Jones

Anything I wished to create and hook up could be done in minutes. I called it a flow chart and they were calling it a funnel. A whole “funnel” I could set up and get it out there in about 30 minutes. Nowhere near anything I’d been able to create, make look good and nitrate with buttons and a sales system.

Drama on the homefront

Granted you may have heard me talk about this before but the reason I’m doing so again is because of the person who left my company was also handling this piece.

You see, I started poking around and what I found inside of the system, was even more exciting than when I first met Russell.

I went through every single funnel my hired hand created and tweaked each and the fact is that everything was even easier than before and much more elegant.

So here’s my step by step process for a funnel. Yes, it’s on clickfunnels platform because it’s the simplest way to get an idea out there, into someone’s hands and even build your list. I created a blueprint so you can do this with even more ease than ever and here’s the process to download it here.

And then you’ll have access to the ideas and simplicity I’ve used to create some of our coolest stuff since my IT/funnel guy departed. (Yes, I personally built them using what’s in the blueprint and had income and leads flowing more effortlessly than before.)

Download the blueprint here. (PS – hope you don’t mind that it’s a bit old school and in my handdrawn way.)

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