Overcoming Risk Aversion: Aligning Risk and Reward

Risk aversion, especially now, seems to be getting people stuck. If you are ready to stop holding yourself back and begin taking actions that lead to success then keep reading…

Do you remember when you were a kid and jumped on everything that was small enough to try to balance on? A log, a rock, a balance beam, maybe even a tightrope?

Recently I took a weekend escape and got to experience the latest in tight ropes and was so intrigued that I finally had to try….more on this in a minute because it’s super silly.

This balancing act can be challenging and requires focus, commitment, decisiveness, integrity to word, and patience. All valuable lessons in life.

Sheevaun zip-lining with no risk aversion

But…maybe you have a really big desire and you want the freedom to take the fast track to your destiny?

Then THAT’S when you can choose to hop on a zip line!

Taking the Fast Path

Yep, taking a zip line can feel risky — leaping into the unknown, trusting that you’ll make it to the other side, feeling uncertain how you’ll handle the speed of the ride. That’s why oftentimes you’ll stay in the comfort of your slow-going tightrope because it’s what you know. The guys on this trip were in the slow zone and were heckling me in a good way about how I seemed to have it all down when in fact I had my alignment in place (thought, action, words, intention, breath, focus, etc).

In fact, when even one thing is out of alignment in your life, that can cause you to walk the tightrope and even fall off that (like me).

Is it your health or your finances or your relationships?

When I was walking the flat tightrope, for beginners mind you, I had to have bare feet and a person on each side and wow was it difficult. Like super difficult. Then after several tried I got to one person and bam fell down. More and more and more tries, I was analyzing the moves of my feet, core, hands, rope and basically everything to but I never got to move more than one step without landing on my hip, arm, bum. I fell more times and stayed there longer than I should have before getting a lesson and ….

Maybe you stay on the tightrope much longer than you’d like, calculating and overanalyzing every move…avoiding mistakes at all costs and letting your risk aversion control you. What if…what if…what if…This process may eventually get you to your destiny, but at the cost of your precious time, your freedom, new fun adventures, and life’s juiciest rewards!

If you’re ready to toss your tightrope and opt for real results, you probably can feel it. You already know it.

Your inner compass will give you the signal and now it’s up to you to click here!

Your ticket to zip line results is Epic Life Success Summit, a 3-day live immersive event for abundance acceleration in all areas of your life.

You know…a fast action taker from a previous event got a new client she wasn’t even in conversation with prior to the conference, calling her before the first bio break. THAT’S what I mean by zip line results!

Are you ready for those types of outcomes too? Then join me and an incredible group of like-minded people, October 1-4  in Huntington Beach, California.

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