Practical Methods of Self-Improvement

Self improvement
How do you improve yourself?

Self-improvement is something that we should all be striving for. The following considers some practical means and methods of self-improvement, which range from simple and easy to more time-consuming and thought-provoking.

Start Reading Daily

Reading is a fantastic way to keep your brain young, enhance creativity or learn more about the world. It doesn’t matter what you read, although novels and news are two great options.

Learn Something New

Again, it doesn’t matter what you learn but learning something new is critical for neuroplasticity and can be very fulfilling, too. Things to consider might be a new language, a new skill or fun facts (i.e. can you name all the countries in the world?).


Exercise should not be about losing weight; it should be about maintaining your health and preparing your mind and body for the future. ALL evidence shows that exercise is critical to brain and body function, and can help to make you happier and more stable. Of course, looking great is a major bonus, too!

Set Some Short and Long-term Goals

What will your life look like in a year? How about 10 years? Set some short and long-term goals where you identify your values and your desires and create a plan for how to reach them.

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