Preparing for Meditation | Easy to Learn Pre-meditation Exercises

Exercise before meditation helps the body receive the down-pouring of new energy that occurs during meditation. It is important to do these exercises (listed below) to receive maximum benefit from your meditation practice. Obviously, if you already have an exercise routine you can incorporate some of these to achieve more balance.

  1. Eyes rolls. Roll your eyes around in a big circle around the room to the right 12 times. If you have trouble rolling your eyes, use your finger to create a big circle and follow your finger
    with your eyes. Or just look up, then right, then left, then down. Then roll your eyes to the left 12 times.
  2. Head turns. Turn your head on your shoulders to the right and then to the left. Do this 12 times.
  3. Head tilt. Tilt your head forward (chin to chest) and back (head backward with eyes to the sky) 12 times. Do this gently. Your neck is not accustomed to this much movement. There may be cracking, but this is just energy being released.
  4. Shoulder shrug. Shrug your shoulders up and tense your body as tightly as possible, even tensing your facial muscles. Inhale for a count of two. Let go of all the tension. Exhale three times. (doing this at the end of a particularly stressful day will ease a tremendous amount of tension you’ve stored in your body).
  5. Shoulder roll. Roll your shoulders backward in a circle-like motion 12 times. Next, roll your shoulders forward in a circle-like motion 12 times.
  6. Spine/Arm rotation. Keeping your hips stationary, raise your arms with your elbows bent to shoulder height, your palms facing outward, and twist from right to left 12 times. The key to this exercise is to keep your hips still. If you have a bad back, Exercise and Meditation 35 start slowly. This exercise actually releases kinks in your back and strengthens your spine and back muscles.
  7. Hula. With your feet shoulder-width apart, rotate your hips as if doing a hula dance or swinging a hoop to the right 12 times. Then go to the left 12 times. I call this doing a little bit of Elvis.
  8. Knee rotations. Place the palms of your hands over your kneecaps grasping them lightly. Slowly and gently rotate your knees to the right 12 times, then rotate your knees to the left 12 times.
  9. Squats. In a comfortable stance with your feet shoulder-width apart, bounce gently bending your knees over your toes. Do this 50 times.
  10. Foot rotations. Raise your right leg slightly from the ground so your foot is in the air. Hold on to something if needed for balance. Rotate your right foot to the right 12 times then rotate your right foot to the left 12 times. Next, raise your left leg so your foot is slightly off the ground. Rotate your left foot to the right 12 times, then to the left 12 times.
  11. Toe point. Raise your right leg so your foot is off the ground. Point your toes upward toward the sky, then downward toward the ground. Do this 12 times. Switch to your left foot. Point your toes toward the sky, then downward to the ground. Again, do this 12 times.
  12. Shoulder stress release. Place the palms of your hands on your shoulders. Grab all of the stress energy from your shoulders and throw it vigorously into the ground. NOTE: Do this sequence 12 times each.

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