How to Prevent Waking Up Grumpy  

How much do you value yourself?
What are your mornings like?

Some people do not consider themselves as a “morning person,” which usually means that their a.m. behavior is characterized by sullenness, grumpiness, and moodiness. That being said, the concept that you’re just not a morning person is probably false – deep down, we are all designed to be morning people who wake with the sun. So what’s inhibiting it?

Sleep Inertia

As explained by Dr. Allision G. Harvey, many people’s grumpiness is caused by sleep inertia, or simply the process of transitioning from sleep to wake. While some people may make this transition fairly seamlessly, others may require more time – even up to 20 minutes. As such, you may be able to prevent sleep inertia-related grumpiness by spending your time waking up in the morning. Wake up, but don’t open your eyes quite yet. Take a few deep breaths. Meditate about the day.

You Aren’t Excited About the Day

Another reason many people may be grumpy in the morning might come down to the fact that they aren’t excited about the day or don’t have much to look forward to, which could be a sign of depression or another emotional worry.

Lack of Sleep

Some people feel terrible in the morning because they stay up too late or don’t get quality sleep. The solution: go to bed earlier and implement sleep improving strategies.

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