Signs that Social Media Is Ruining Your Self-Esteem  

Is your self-esteem suffering from social media use?
Is your self-esteem suffering from social media use?a

Social media can be a great way to connect with family and friends, and even co-workers and acquaintances. However, social media can also be devastating for your self-esteem. Here are a few signs that social media may be getting the best of you.

You Notice a Difference in Your Mood after Using Social Media

If you notice a difference in your mood after using social media, it may be time to nix the practice. This is true even if social media lifts your mood; the sites can be addictive, and using them as ways to regulate mood is not healthy.

Being Alone Is Unpleasant

Of course, no one wants to be alone for prolonged amounts of time. But if being left in your own thoughts—or if being in real world social scenarios—is unpleasant, you may need to disconnect with the online world and reconnect with the real world.

You’re Comparing Your Life to Others’ Lives

If you are comparing your life to the lives of others, then it is time to say goodbye to social media. You should take pride and comfort in your own life, body, abilities, and success; what other people is doing is not something you should ever feel jealous or bad about.

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