When Meditation is the Wrong Solution to Your Problems  

Meditation is wonderful, but it is not always the solution.
Meditation is wonderful, but it is not always the solution.

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind, gain more perspective on a situation, and reduce stress and improve health. However, meditation isn’t always mindful. Here are some signs you may be meditating for the wrong reasons, and the effects of what can happen when meditation goes bad.

You’re Trying to Avoid Something

If you are trying to avoid something, meditation is not the answer. Meditation is a great way to resolve conflicts, not flee from them. If you are meditating to avoid something, stop right now and confront the issue head on.

You’re Not Really Feeling Mindful

Meditation is an incredibly mindful act; it should not be performed when you are too distracted by other things in your life to actually focus on the task at hand. Meditation is also spiritual – abusing the act of meditation for the wrong reasons will not benefit you in any way, shape, or form.

When Mindfulness Goes Wrong

An interesting article written by Mark Hay discusses When Mindfulness Goes Wrong. Hay reminds us that while meditation can be used for good things, it can wind up causing harm when directed towards task that it isn’t meant for, such as a quick fix to a problem. In fact, mindfulness can even trigger traumatic events, depression, and anxiety for certain individuals. Because of this, it is important to only practice meditation in the right frame of mind and for the right reasons.

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