What Are Your Boundaries Telling Other People About You?

What are you looking for in the perfect job?
The secret to improving your energy is setting boundaries.

Nearly everyone has experienced an energy drain at some point. Characterized by feelings of frustration, inadequacy, fatigue, and depression, an energy drain can eat away at you and prevent you from reaching happiness.

What Drains Your Energy? 

Many times, energy drains are the result of trying to meet the demands placed on us, such as the demand to:

Women often feel that these expectations are placed on them more than men, and that they have an obligation to do what others want of them. Here’s the truth, though: Doing what others want all the time and living up to others’ expectations, rather than your own, will DRAIN your energy.

Set Your Boundaries Now

Stop what you are doing right now and ask yourself this:

  • What are you willing to do?
  • What are you not willing to do?

That’s it. If you are willing to sacrifice your time, needs, desires, and energy to please others, you can bet that people will take advantage of that. On the other hand, if you are willing to set boundaries and do the things that please you in life, your energy levels will immediately skyrocket. Set boundaries for yourself, and for how others interact with you.

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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