How to Free Yourself of Unhealthy Energy

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Is a negative shadow of energy following you around?

We carry unhealthy energy around with us all the time. From negative relationships to bad food, stress to feelings of resentment or anger, our bodies are harboring more negative energy than they can stand. If you are achy, sick often, not sleeping well, unhappy or have not reached the level of success you want in life, it is likely related to the unhealthy energy you are carrying around. Here are some tips for freeing yourself of unhealthy energy:

Do an Energy Cleanse

One of the best ways to start the process of ridding yourself of unhealthy energy is to do an energy cleanse. This involves getting toxins out of your body – remember, toxins come from the food we eat, the environment around us and our own body (stress, cortisol, etc.). Take a day where you find a peaceful, safe and quiet place. Spend time by yourself. Do not eat during this time period. Focus on yourself, your breathing, and syncing your energy with the earth.

An even more thorough energy cleanse is when you take a bath with two pounds of salt. It does wonders for your strata and overall performance.

Make a Plan

One of the hardest parts about freeing ourselves from negative and unhealthy energy is that we may be locked into a routine of negativity, such as starting the day with a sweet or maintaining an emotionally abusive relationship. Make a plan for yourself right now regarding how you will foster healthy energy and happiness in your life. This includes:

If you can do the above, your energy, success and happiness will all improve!

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!



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