Setting Boundaries for Yourself

Set boundaries for yourself in work and life.

It is easy for you, and for others, to lose perspective. When this happens, people tend to demand more of others than is really reasonable. Maybe what they are demanding is what they would give themselves, but regardless, keeping perspective is key to healthy work and personal relationships. When perspective is lost, demands may increase, and boundaries may need to be set.

Setting Boundaries for Yourself

There is nothing wrong with working more than you’re used to every once in awhile, especially when there is a good pay off. There is nothing wrong – in fact, there is probably something very right – about helping someone when they need it, ranging from picking up your neighbor’s kids to meeting your best friend to help her pick out new furniture.

But there is something wrong about compromising what you want, or your physical or mental health, for what others want. It is important that if this starts to happen, you notice it and set boundaries. 

Keep Your Perspective

Remember that everything is relative, and it is important to maintain perspective. Further, remember that when other people are under pressure or want to impress, their perspective may become distorted. Notice when other people demand more from you than you want to give, and pay attention to when you do this, too.

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