Circling Back to Old Connection to Grow Your Business and Success

The one rule in business is to make a connection and then follow-up, but this is where the paths diverge.

Follow-up is usually “give me, help me, buy me stuff,” and nothing about the original connection.

What you’ve done when this is your approach is kill your connection, referral source, and your chances for a long-lasting business relationship.

We are so caught up in the now and instant gratification that when something good, whole, healthy, and real comes along we’re bulldozing over it. The tendency to bypass these authentic connections is higher than ever and we wonder why being an entrepreneur or intrapreneur is so “hard.”

The days of old of making a connection, nurturing that connection, and seeing where it leads is the way of the past that is being reframed again in this time. Our challenge is that we’ve become jaded about the “everyone in it for themselves” attitude, which leaves out possibilities of building real relationships.

Living in a bigger city or town makes this sense of non-follow-upness much more obvious. That’s why building a tribe, following, or team is your best bet.

This tribe can help you fulfill your mission, vision, and help a heck of a lot of people along the way.

For now set up a specific format for meeting, sending replies, or making calls back and for circling back even if it’s been months or years. Life gets busy, and you know this; but circling back is such a gift for both parties that you won’t even know the good it does until you just do it.

Maybe the new word that will make follow-up more palatable should be “circling back.” This is more in line with the language we use today anyway.

Try it and circle back with me here and let me know how it works out.

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