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Energize Your Life

Energize Your Life – the tools to use when your energy is low and you still need to run your business.

It’s inevitable that you will have low moments, not enough energy and just be exhausted.

Tools to use when you need more energy for yourself and your business

The mere fact that humans are not designed for the greatest amount of productive hours that a job or business seems to require is just a bummer, or is it?

Most people use sugar and caffeine to get through. Fortunately there are many more things that mind and body actually crave that don’t have the side effects that sugar and caffeine have.

What are they is a mixed bag.

But here are a few for you to begin:

  • breathe more deeply
  • sit straighter
  • walk and move your body more throughout the day
  • drink more water (good high ph water such as AquaHydrate or the new bottle from Dyln that transforms general water to high ph water.)
  • do some form of arm raises (because you keep your arms down and shoulders hunched way too much)
  • walk without shoes (this will help you get grounded)
  • wear things that make you feel fantastic (and I don’t mean sweats)
  • forgive someone of some wrong you are holding onto (use this little audio to get out of having to think and try so hard on this one ______forgiveness audio link goes here)
  • take probiotics more (yep this one is actually going to help you digest some of that stress so that it leaves your body rather than the usual sticking around)
  • take two days off from sugar a week
  • close your eyes and place your palms over them (there’s a whole process for this that will help restore your clarity and vision _______eye product link goes here)
  • step away from your computer screen for fives minutes a few times a day
  • give someone some food (meaning pay for someone’s meal whether friend, foe, stranger or homeless you will be shocked as to how much fresh and exhilarating energy courses through your system)
  • and one of my favorites is to use these 6 techniques to get back on course fast (they are videos I created that are complimentary and easy to use while being practical in their ability to create shifts – fast)

There is one more that will make the day and exhaustion turn around and that’s laughter. Find something to laugh at, maybe just yourself for all your own silliness, and you will have more than enough energy to get through to the other shore.

Til next time smile!

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