A Foot In Two Worlds

Sometimes we have our feet planted in the physical job and daily activity world and then another in the softer and more subtle world.

There are many negative things said about that softer more subtle world. But the fact of the matter is if you have a heart and want to do

How to fight to get somewhere.

some good on this planet then you are part of this softer more subtle world.

If you’ve ever prayed for someone or something, regardless of the fact of religion, then you are playing in that softer more subtle world. If you’ve wanted a miracle of some sort you dance in that subtle space.

To dispute or make fun of or call it snake oil is just your fear and a misunderstanding. This heckling and making fun has occurred time and again over the course of history. This name calling happened to Michelangelo, to Beethoven, to Picasso, Christopher Columbus, the inventor of penicillin, Steve Jobs and so many.

As the saying goes…First, they ignore, then they reject, then they fight and then you win.

Well, this is only about you winning your highest desire.

That highest desire comes directly from something you cannot see or touch. It comes from not the heart or mind but something that seems unknowable.

Such inner desire is difficult to describe to others and thus when you see others take part in their desire you have to spend time heckling. You only do this because you don’t understand, yet.

That’s ok … but at some point what you heckle you will need to know more about.

I know this intimately because I heckled, really just rolled my eyes a lot, those who were in the soft and subtle world. That’s when I had two significant losses that changed everything. First I lost my husband and then I nearly lost my own life.

That’s when the subtle shows up to give the greatest support. It’s always there waiting for the time of need and you can pinpoint in many of the greats who have had the shift and now you know about and accept.

What inner part of you needs to wake up to that softer more subtle you?

That softer side is the one where treasure awaits. The treasure of more creativity, more ease, more flow and more joy. Hmmm now that’s interesting.

Do you have a foot in the physical world and the more esoteric world and maybe you want to know how to bring both forth for the most amazing you.

Do You Know How to Sooth This? 

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