Getting Rid of the Things You Don’t Need and Moving on

Are you weighing yourself down with possessions that have little value?

The things that we hold onto that we no longer benefit from, need, or use can hold us back, cluttering our life and our emotions. From objects to relationships, knowing how to say goodbye to things you don’t need and move on is an important step. As we hit the midway point in the week, consider the following, and plan for some decluttering this weekend:

Cost-Benefit Analysis

If there is something in your life that you are wondering whether or not it is time to part with, ask yourself this:

  • When was the last time you used the object? Benefited from the relationship?
  • How difficult or expensive is the item to replace if you were to get rid of it? How important is the relationship to you?
  • How difficult is it to maintain the object? How much space is it taking?
  • What type of emotional, psychical, or psychological pleasure do you derive from the object?

Cutting Ties

If the answers to the above questions don’t scream, “Keep me!” then it is time to get rid of the object, or to say goodbye to the relationship. Fill your home and your life only with things that bring you joy and benefit.

What things do you need to cut ties with?

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