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Money that isn’t evil…or is it…

The television show for year-end review

Hey there, I know this is kinda different here in our tribe but thanks for being here and venturing into better you.

There’s a beautiful thing about choice.

There’s a show that I like called “Love it or List it”. Now I don’t care for the weird banter between the hosts but I do cherish the use of money and the choice that needs to occur.

You see we don’t actually make lots of biiiiig choices once we get comfortable.

There is a beautiful thing about choice.

You get to stay the same with a few improvements because you opted not to go the extra mile with more funds even though your heart says to do it and get what you want.


You get to take most of what you want and settle back into your comfortable state.

That’s what we do in life and many many times in business.

You will opt for a cooler kitchen rather than work on the inner stuff keeping you from a more functional and prosperous business.

That’s cool.

But the show has this amazing lesson we can apply to life/business.

  1. It’s paring down the chaos and nonsense that we know is holding us back and having someone else’s eyes to see through.
  2. It’s the choice to go for what you truly want with the space you have.
  3. It’s the spending to get what you truly want with the space you have.
  4. It’s the taking care of the foundational issues that you have been feeling are just not quite right on the property.
  5. It’s the anguish and emotional shifts that need to occur on the leveling up.
  6. It’s the final choice of … keep or go.Fact is that choices are a fundamental necessity that we just start opting out of as we get more and more settled. That settling is the first steps to a life lived with less.What is your year-end going to consist of?Ours is in the PS.Hugs
    SheevaunPS: a) We have ripped apart the Epic conference and are not going to do it the same way or the same timing. b) We have a new location in San Clemente that is designed for trainings and live gatherings and our company will reside there c) We have only a few spots of folks to work with me one on one as I focus on going deep with those super committed to their success. d) We are about to share a new program that will give you more of the energetic side of things for the new millennium and the AI tech that you’re going to need to interface with more every day.Join us on this new adventure!!!!

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