Proven Strategies for Pummeling Procrastination  

What is keeping you from getting things done?
What is keeping you from getting things done?

Procrastination can be a business-ruiner. Even the most motivated people in the world can be a victim to this bad habit. The following considers some proven strategies for beating procrastination:

The Five Minute Miracle

The five minute miracle involves setting aside a mere five minutes of your time as asking: What can I do today (for five minutes) to move this project forward? While five minutes is a marginal amount of time, it may be just the ticket for getting the ball rolling.

Find a Friend

One of the best ways to beat procrastination is to find a friend who can hold you accountable. Here’s what to do: tell your friend that you have a goal to complete a project by a certain date. Then, tell your friend that if you don’t complete the project, you will take your friend to lunch, buy them coffee, etc. The more undesirable the activity, the better.

Reward Yourself

If you aren’t motivated by the thought of losing a bet against your friend, you might be more motivated by a reward that you choose. Pick something for yourself – a meal at your favorite restaurant, a weekend off or a night out – and promise yourself the reward as soon as the task is completed.

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