Valentine’s 2018: Love and Business Success

Is love an element you focus on in the business world?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When you think about success in a business–whether your business or another’s–you probably don’t think much about the concept of love. Instead, organization, connections, and networking, skill set, a great product, business acumen, etc. are likely the things that come to mind when the words business and success are put together. But business success requires a number of softer elements as well. One of the most important: love.

Love In the Business

Love is a huge piece of business success because love is the foundation of passion, genuine interest, and internal motivation. Ways that love matters in a business include:

  • Love for, and a belief in, the product you’re selling;
  • Love for your customers; and
  • Love for your employees – if you do not care about your employees, they will be able to sense this. The most productive employees are those who are as passionate about what they’re doing as the business owner is; you will not achieve this without caring about those who work for you.

In addition to the above, it is also critical to practice self-love. Reflecting on your positive traits and characteristics, taking pride in your work, and being able to appreciate who you are will all lead to greater rates of success.

Love Creates Lasting Value

When you operate out of love, you are focused on solving a real need, and doing it in a manner that you’re passionate about. This means that your values align with your business’ values and that there is purpose and meaning behind your work. Sometimes, this can make all the difference between success and failure.

Is there love in your business?

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