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OODA Loop Follow-up: Observe

Are you able to just observe without passing a judgment or other value-based opinion?

In yesterday’s blog, we touched on the idea of using an OODA Loop as an effective tool for making decisions, and ultimately having more success in your life and business. As a review, the OODA loop process was developed by a military strategist, with the acronym standing for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. Today, we’ll review the first part of the OODA cycle: Observe.

What Does it Mean to Observe? 

Take a minute to think about what the word “observe” means to you. Most people will probably generate words like watch, look, listen, pay attention (to), and see when describing the concept of observation.

As observe relates to the OODA loop, the loop’s founder explained that “the observations are the raw information on which decisions and actions are based.” This description, particularly the words “raw information” are very important, as they let us know that observations are unfiltered, untainted truths, rather than simply our perception of information.

Learning to Observe

Observation when planning for your success and when making a choice is very important, and should be the first thing that you do when a decision is on the table. Remember, the first part is simply to take note of everything that is in front of you that is related to the decision, not to interpret that information or judge it. Try implementing this in your daily life. Starting looking at people, things, and situations from a completely observatory point of view without passing judgment or placing value at first. What does it feel like? How do your opinions change?

Up next tomorrow: Orient.

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