OODA Loop Follow-up: Orient

Are you able to orient yourself when you receive new information?

Our recent blog posts have focused on the OODA Loop, which stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. In yesterday’s post, we focused on the observation component of the loop and presented a challenge for readers to try to simply observe their surroundings without passing any judgments or opinions. Today, we will focus on orient, and how it is an important part of the OODA loop process and can put you on the path to success.

The Importance of the Second O

The Orient part of the OODA loop is the most important part of the loop, according to the loop’s creator, John Boyd. This is because this part shapes the way that we observe, decide, and act the most. Indeed, orientation can shape the way that we perceive and interact with the environment.

So What Does Orient Really Mean?

The word “orient” means to align or position, and as it pertains to the OODA loop, it challenges users to let go of, or break down, your previously held paradigms and create a new perspective that is aligned with the current reality (i.e. your observations from the first O).

Orienting, then, is the ability for a person to take the current incoming information, synthesize it, and think critically when new data is presented. It is absolutely critical for sound decision making.

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