OODA Loop Follow-up:Decide

Are you weighing yourself down with possessions that have little value?

Our focus this week has been on the OODA loop, a decision-making process developed by a military strategist. The loop, so it’s rumored, is also the process by which Ed Sheeran created his major hit – Shape of You. By using the loop correctly, you too may be able to align yourself and your energy for success.

So far, we’ve touched on both Os of the loop – observe and orient. Today, we’ll cover the D: Decide.

What’s it Mean to Decide?

Clearly, everyone is familiar with the word decide, and its many synonyms like choose, select, opt, or settle. But what does the word “decide” mean as it’s related to the OODA loop?

As explained by the loop’s creator, the Decide component refers to an actor making a decision between alternate possibilities based on the data obtained in the orient phase. In other words, “decide” refers to what a person chooses to do with the new information. In some cases, this phase may be skipped, as a person may become highly efficient at synthesizing information and determining whether or not it aligns with reality, allowing them to go straight to the “act” phase without spending energy on the decision-making process.

Decisions Should Be Based on Logic

When a person makes a choice, this choice should be logical. If you don’t know the outcome of a situation (which is almost always impossible to predict), your decision should be made on an evidence-based hypothesis of what you think is going to happen. Think about the last decision you made – was it based on evidence and insight, or emotion?

Up next tomorrow: Act!

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