The Advantages and Drawbacks of People Pleasing

Everyone has been in a situation where they say really want to say no to something, but feel as though they can only say yes. And while saying yes can be a good thing – everyone likes a people pleaser! – it can also have its drawbacks too. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of people pleasing if you are always trying to make everyone else happy. Then think about what you do and how it could be affecting you–

Are you spending as much time on yourself as you are on others?

Pros of People Pleasing

Some positive aspects of being a people pleaser are:

  • People feel as though they can rely on you;
  • You may integrate better with a team;
  • Saying yes can be a time and stress saver.

People also tend to like people who go to with the flow and say yes often, and may consider you easier to get along with as such.

Empowered Decision Making

If you are a high-achieving professional or entrepreneur, understanding the dynamics of people-pleasing is crucial. You are likely navigating complex team dynamics or client relationships regularly. Balancing agreeableness with assertiveness is essential to maintain respect, authority, and personal well-being.

Learn to embrace your capacity to say no when necessary. Assertiveness training or leadership coaching can be invaluable in cultivating a presence that commands respect without compromising on empathy or cooperation.

Embracing Heart-Led Leadership

Learn to Lead From Your Heart” isn’t just about emotional decisions; it’s about integrating your true desires and needs into your leadership style and interpersonal relationships. This approach ensures decisions are not just empathetic but also aligned with your goals and well-being.

Are You Giving Too Much?

It’s crucial to reflect on your behaviors and ask yourself:

  • Do you often put others’ needs before your own to the point of neglecting your well-being?
  • Are you hesitant to express dissent due to a fear of conflict?
  • Do you feel that others benefit more from your relationships than you do?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, it may be time to reassess your approach to relationships and self-care. 

Cons of People Pleasing

The cons of being a people pleaser all of the time are equally as numerous, and include:

  • Those who will do anything are often taken advantage of;
  • You often sacrifice doing what you really want for others’ sakes;
  • You could be more easily manipulated; and
  • By doing what other people want all of the time, you are suppressing your true desires and needs.

If you’re not sure if you’re a people pleaser, ask yourself if you: Rarely say no, feel like others gain more from a relationship with you than you do, or/and tend to back down from arguments or not express your opinion openly. If the answer to any of these is “yes,” it may be time to rethink your relationships!

Learn to Lead From Your Heart today.

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