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Are You a Good Partner?

Partnership is a challenging, but rewarding, journey.

Being a good partner is one of the most challenging things that we are faced with in life, and yet it is one of the most important. Being a good partner is at the foundation of a healthy relationship. The following provides a list of some characteristics of a good partner – remember, these can be applied to both your personal and professional partnerships, as well as other relationships in your life:

1. There Is a Natural Give and Take

There should be a natural ebb and flow to all relationships, with each partner taking and contributing to the relationship. Relationships often become unbalanced when one partner to the relationship is the only one giving, with the other party constantly taking. Think about your relationships: Are you someone who gives, or someone who takes?

2. Honesty Is Prioritized

A good partner is also one who is honest. Honestly should extend beyond a partner’s actions to their feelings and thoughts. Honesty means telling the truth, but it also means being open about issues in the relationship. A person who creates drama or fails to openly communicate about their feelings is not supporting the relationship as they should.

3. They’re Fair

Good partners are fair. This means that they don’t give ultimatums, punish you, or maintain a double standard about actions. A good partner will hold you accountable while also providing love and patience, and especially kindness. Are you a kind partner? Would your partner agree with that sentiment?

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