Are You Challenging Your Brain Enough?

Are you challenging your brain?
Are you challenging your brain?

When we don’t have challenges in life, our brains start to turn to mush. Okay, not literally, but challenging your brain does help in the regeneration of brain cells, and may even help to prevent neurodegenerative disease and other cognitive decline. Challenging your brain can improve your critical thinking skills, which are absolutely essential to success.

What Challenges the Brain?

There are dozens of things that may challenge your brain, depending upon who you are, your skill set, and hobbies that you are already comfortable with. Certainly, doing anything that you are unfamiliar with may challenge your brain. This includes doing puzzles and crosswords, learning a new language, learning a new skill, or exposing yourself to a new culture.

The Long-Term Benefits of Challenging Your Brain

If you want to be the most successful version of yourself, challenging your brain is part of that. Challenging your brain more will also enhance your mental fitness and help to slow down age-related decline. In fact, challenging your brain may even help to combat the side-effects of stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone, depresses the growth of nerve cells and the connections between them; games and challenges that require you to strategize and interact socially at the same time can help to mitigate this effect.

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